What’s the Most Messed-up Thing You’ve Seen at Work? People Shared Their Stories.

Compared to the work stories of other people, this is not a huge deal, but here goes my story.

I was working at an event in Pittsburgh on a catering truck outside of a bar late on a Friday night.

It was a pretty quiet night until I heard someone yell “Hey!” and when I looked up, about five bouncers were chasing one guy through a parking lot.

I’m assuming the guy did something bad because the bouncers were not happy and when they caught up with him, it wasn’t pretty.

Then the cops came and the brawl got sorted out.

It was pretty wild!

What’s the most messed-up thing you’ve seen at work?

People shared their stories.

Life at Walmart.

“I worked at one of the busiest Walmarts in the country during Spring Break for 6 years… I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

I guess the d**nk lady leaving the bathroom with her pants around her ankles while actively sh**ting as she walked across the front of the building and back outside into the wild.

None of the workers wanted to deal with it so they parked a shopping cart over each turd until the cleaning crew came in.”


“I once saw someone step into a bucket of hot fryer oil.

It got into their shoes and everything. It was so bad that when they took the shoe off, it peeled of skin with it.

The person had 2nd and I believe 3rd degree burns. He never came back but I saw the pictures and it was horrific.”

Tough job.

“Two things.

Pulled up to work. Dude runs out of the store and is immediately shot by a dude behind me. He was stealing and the other guy just shot him. I called out that day.

I was the only guy on the front end and a dude had went into the bathroom like 50 minutes ago. So they send me to check, found him slumped over d**d.

He OD’d and d**d in our f**king bathroom. I went home after that.”


“Guy get crushed and killed by machinery he was working on while on a scissor lift.

Also saw some guys test the fire system by piling a bunch of trash on the floor of a loading area, dousing it with lighter fluid and igniting it.

Turns out it worked.”

Scary incident.

“Once witnessed a group of 15-16 year old teenagers steal an older man’s wallet in the mall.

They ran past the coffee shop I worked in and went up the escalator closely followed by the man, next thing I knew I heard screaming and fighting and smelled metal (which turned out to be a shit ton of blood).

Turns out, the man got into a fight with them and then got stabbed. That entire half of the mall got shut down by the police and the smell lingered for the rest of that day.”

Good lord.

“Box cutting job. Saw a guy d** after losing his arm to the machine. I still to this day don’t know how my room mate at the time kept going to work for another few weeks before quitting.

We’d go to work stoned off our a**es every day. And seeing that guy die was a nope for me. I knew it was far to easy for the same mistake to happen to me stoned. Wasn’t gonna get sucked in and d** for 15 bucks an hr.

Any heavy machinery related jobs since Ive made sure to ask about work related accidents and how common they are along with when the last one happened.”


“I saw a co-worker get crushed to d**th under 6 tons of dirt.

I helped dig his body out.”

Still haunted by it.

“I worked in an assembly line, making skyjacks.

A female coworker was cleaning a base with her hand on a tire. Another worker was testing the tires, and when she tested the tire that the girl was resting her hand on, it forced her arm into a >1inch gap in the base. I couldn’t even squeeze my pinky in this gap.

She was stuck in this machine for about 45 mins, arm completely shattered. Everyone was in a panic trying to get her arm out, but they literally had to disassemble the whole thing.

The screams still haunt me.”


“A guy cut his forearm open with a paint chip from the wall and then played with his tendons like they were guitar strings.

Meanwhile blood was spraying all over the cell.

I’m a Corrections Officer.”

Hope he’s doing better.

“A guy at my old job got fired and asked if he could sit in my truck while he waited for a ride. I said yes because we were work friends.

Well, his ride showed up, and was waiting for him for like 15 minutes, so I went to my truck to see what he was doing. I opened the door to see him passed out with a needle in his arm.

He came to and was very ashamed that he was shooting up in my truck, I honestly just felt bad for him. He was previously a recovering addict, but relapse got the better of him. I hope he’s doing better now.”

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