She Told Her Sister Why She Was Being Cold to Her During a Family Dinner. Is She Wrong?

Is it me, or is as cold as an iceberg in here?

Sometimes you can just feel it when someone is being cold to other folks…and it sounds like the woman who wrote this story was ARCTIC at the family dinner she attended.

But did she act like an a**hole?

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AITA for telling my sister why I’m acting cold during family dinner that was thrown in MY honour after she made it about herself?

“I (25F) am the middle child in our family of 3 siblings (Alison -28F; Jake – 22M). Sadly I am the stereotypical unseen middle child while Alison is the golden daughter. She literally cannot do anything wrong based on my parents’ opinion.

I opened up a new bakery in our town. My mom invites the whole family for dinner once in a while and this time she said the dinner was in my honour, to celebrate my new job. Which was sweet and I was pelasantly surprised.

Alison lives in a different city. When she came home for dinner, she was not alone. She had her girlfriend (Elizabeth – 30F) with her. Now Alison is a playgirl who uses her law degree to get laid (even on my friends back in the day) but she never brought her girlfriends home. She did this time and everyone’s attention was on her.

Through the whole dinner, there was only one mention of my bakery, ironically it was from Elizabeth. The rest was spent on getting to know Elizabeth and her job, interests, how she met Alison, etc.

It also didn’t help that she was a psychiatrist and everyone had questions. I was beyond p**sed. She could’ve brought her home any other time but chose this one time that our parents decided to acknowledge me.

So I was cold throughout the dinner. Not that anyone really cared. At the end of the night, Alison asked me why I was sulking. I told her the truth and I said she managed to make this about herself as well, that she couldn’t live if the spotlight wasn’t on her.

She told me I should be happy for her because she’s fallen in love and is extremely happy with her girlfriend and wanted her to be a part of this celebration. She knew exactly what bringing a girlfriend would do to the dinner. So I told her she could’ve done it literally any other night.

Right now, we’re still pretty distant. AITA here? Am I overreacting?”

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