People Share the Happiest Memories of Their Lives

What do you think your absolute happiest memory? I’m talking about in your whole life?

I think it would be hard to pick because I had a great childhood and, while things have been up and down for many years, I still try to see the good stuff even when times are not wonderful.

But today we’re here to talk about happiness!

AskReddit users talked about their happiest memories in life.

1. Reunited.

“My husband and I are Navy veterans. My happiest memories are of waiting for him to get off the ship at the pier after a 6 month deployment.

See kids, back in the old days when you were in the Navy, we didn’t have cell phones and email or international text messages. We had to write letters to each other and my husband and I wrote letters to each other every day while he was deployed.

So, there’s some background. I haven’t seen my husband in six months. I’m all dressed up and waiting at the pier crushed together with 4999 other families watching this giant aircraft carrier crawl at a snails pace across the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and into the port at Norfolk. Even once she’s pier side it takes an hour or longer to get her moored and for people to start coming ashore.

I’m listening above the crowd noises and music. There’s always a radio station down there. I’m listening above the din of crying children and shouting people and shipyard noises to hear the bells go off on the ship and the IM-C call away the announcements so I can know when he will finally come down the gangplank. All the while I’m scanning the faces and figures of the men manning the rails.

Finally, I see a familiar face. It’s not him, but it’s someone who works for him. I want to hug him because he’s a friend but I don’t because I want to save that first hug for my husband. I point my friend in the direction of his wife and smile and wave as they embrace and I tell them goodbye. Soon. Soon it will be my turn.

A few more people I know pass by me. I’m jumping up and down now trying to get a glimpse of him but there’s so many people in front of me now I can’t get a good look. Until, like magic he appears out of the crowd next to me. I jump in his arms and hold him like I’ll never let him go. I feel his body and smell his smell and immediately fall in love again as if for the first time.

I think we had to do that 10 or 12 times and each time he came home is my happiest memory.”

2. Very proud.

“When I saw my parents after I walked at my high school graduation, my parents told me they’re proud of me.

I’ve never really been told that, so it meant the world to me.”

3. What a trip.

“Probably the time we did an unknown psychedelic and went on an epic quest for hot dogs at 1 am.

I think we walked around the city for miles, but what mattered was that I returned home with both coat pockets shoved full of hot dogs.

They tasted so AMAZING that I took a photo, printed it out, and hung it on my wall for a while.”

4. Grandpa.

“I loved my Grandpa.

He died from a heart attack when I was in high school. I still remember him at his farm, spinning me in a circle in his arms, under a huge tree.

I must’ve been 4-5. It’s my earliest memory.”

5. That’s great!

“Seeing my partner wake up from 56 days in the ICU.

There is no greater joy for me than that.”

6. Two things.

“It is a tie.

The moment I saw my wife appear in the doorway at the end of our wedding aisle, and the first time I heard our son cry out loud after a long scary silence.”

7. A magical night.

“I reconnected with my childhood friend after he finished college. He moved back to my area and we met up for the first time in nearly a decade at a local bar.

We’d been chatting online for a while before then, so serious chemistry had been brewing.

I was afraid an in person meeting would be awkward after such a long time, but it was like he never left. That night at the tavern was magical.”

8. Peaceful.

“I remember a day, just after the end of the June exam.

I was lying in the grass and it was beautiful outside, not so hot and some wind but I remember the peacefulness of the moment. Not having anything to worry about. No school, no work and everybody was fine and healthy.

I lived other days like that but it was the first on were I really realized that I was happy. I try to find this kind of peace but it’s not easy.”

9. Perfect.

“It’s hard to pick, but I was at a little county park with my 6yo son and 4yo daughter.

They walked up a hill holding hands into a backdrop of blue sky and prairie.

The temp was perfect, no bugs, and they weren’t fighting at the moment.”

10. Goals!

“Getting my pilot’s license. I wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember.

I remember that as soon as I got the sign off from my examiner I just was filled with joy. Not an explosive jump in the air and shout joy but a peaceful “I did it” satisfaction.

To this day I am an active pilot but sometimes when I’m doing things other than flying the thought that you’re actually a pilot now will cross my mind.

It always gives me a warm feeling inside and puts a smile on my face.”

11. First kiss.

“My first kiss.

My friend and my girlfriend and I were coming back to my house from a Frozen Yogurt shop. We go down to the basement. Now in the basement there is a bed in the middle, idk why it’s in the middle but that’s were it is.

So my friend, he does like a somersault across the bed and I’m like bet I’ll do that to. But right before I do so, my girlfriend comes up to me, grabs my face, and kisses me.

I just stood there smiling and astonished as she went and sat down on the couch in the other side of the basement.”

12. Sounds alright to me.

“I’m 25. It’s 2 am.

I’m riding my bicycle down a long gentle hill to my apartment where I live alone. My sweater is flailing in the wind. I’m singing to myself.

I have snacks at home and I’m gonna watch the Simpsons. Also I have the next day off.”

13. A big achievement.

“Definitely when I graduated from University.

Its 4 years of hard work and dedication paid off.

I’m not working in that field right now due to Covid but I’m still massively proud of that achievement.”

14. Meant to be.

“The day I adopted my dog.

I walked inside and my future dog ran up to me and licked my face.

I guess it was meant to be.”

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