People Share the Most Accurate Example of “The Road to Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions” They’ve Ever Witnessed

There are plenty of sayings in life that don’t seem to be all that true, or applicable, or that aren’t completely annoying. When it comes to “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” though, I kind of like the ominous feel of it, don’t you?

These 17 people might feel differently, though after these personal experiences, I doubt they could argue it’s not true!

17. It’s funny…now.

I was sick and my husband was nursing me. It was dark and he was trying to give me a sip of ice water while I was lying in bed.

Instead he started waterboarding me with ice water and didn’t realize it because he’s hard of hearing and all I could do was gurgle weakly, “please stop.”

He didn’t realize he’d poured it all over me until I started trying to wiggle away.

16. That’s…the opposite of what happened.

Along this same notion, Dr. Richard Gatling.

He thought that, by inventing a weapon that could fire more rounds than a platoon of soldiers in one minute, it would help reduce the amount of soldiers on the battlefield, thus reducing casualties.

A tactician he was not.

15. Sometimes it’s for the best.

Probably most of the people who tried to get me back in contact with my parents.

Too bad they had to see why I went no contact with them after I had to get multiple restraining orders.

14. Laundry is my nemesis.

Only tangentially related, but something similar happened with the adoption of automatic washing machines in the home.

They filled their advertising with claims that it would reduce the labor placed on housewives (housewives specifically because it was the 50’s). Instead, it generated vastly more labor as laundry went from being a “once every couple of weeks” chore to a “three to four times a week” chore.

And why wouldn’t it? Those breadwinner husbands and doting children need to have exquisitely laundered clothes after all!

13. I’m not sure those intentions are good.

My brother is 6 years older and has a violent high functioning mental disorder. He molested our sister, would shoot me with his BB gun, hit me in the head with a golf club, baseball bat, bo staff, and beat us and our mom regularly. He threatened and attempted to kill me on multiple occasions. Tried to kill my our mom. Smashed our personal belongings, went through our stuff, and destroyed the locks we had on our doors.

He was my sister and my monster under our beds. We hated him. Still do. But my parents keep trying to trick us into interacting with him because he’s “family”.

They’ve invited him places without warning, put him into group chats with us, let him into our home and given him our addresses, etc. Even going as far as to hide him at their house when I visited with my SO so they could bring him out to meet my SO. They knew I didn’t want to see him, they knew my SO didn’t want to see him. I have made it clear that he is never to meet my kids, and if they ever put us into a situation where my kids meet him, they will be cut out of our lives. All of them. Except for my sister, she’s cool.

12. It’s all about greed.

Thats pretty much basic human greed. I heard of some guy who, he was an economist from the 30s or 50s. He theorised that by some certain time in the future, probably now that we’d have so much machinary and tech doing human work but still keeping production consistent, that people could work less hours but be paid the same as if theyd be working full hours.

Instead the greedy fat cats opted on using both man labour and machinery to maximize production by whole lot more.

11. The sound I just made.

Happened at my dad’s work in the early 2000’s. Apparently somebody had dropped a USB flash drive on the front walkway. Some kind-hearted soul decided to make an effort to find out who it belonged to, and started their clue hunt by plugging in the flash drive.

To his work PC.

That was connected to the entire world-wide network.

Of their multi-billion dollar government IT corporation.

That was the moment a lot of people got a 3-day weekend, and an unfortunate handful got a 0-day weekend.

10. Lesson learned.

I’m going to take this quite literally as the first thought that popped into my head was one time when I was around 11ish? I was at a restaurant with my entire extended family ( like 50 people) and the waitress was carrying alot of drinks. I always want to help people, it’s in my nature to try and be useful. So I said ” I’ll help you!” Even though she was doing her job very well. The panic in her eyes as I lifted up my drink from her server plate. The annoyance as Multiple drinks then tipped due to the imbalance of weight I had just caused.

The apologies were not enough. I felt so bad. It’s been 13 years and I still think about it on occasion. That was my biggest ” oh shit don’t help people if they don’t want it”

Because I was just trying to help. My intentions were good, but man did I cause a massive mess.

9. A hard lesson learned.

A good friend of mine was going through a breakup and I was supporting her and of course we were doing the usual rant about the ex.

Cue a few days later and they get back together and now I’m “the asshole who was talking shit behind his back”. So I lost a “friend” because I supported her but c’est la vie that was a lesson learned.

8. Darn kids.

When I was younger (like sixish) I used to push all of the products on grocery store shelves to the back, because I thought it looked better and that that was how they were supposed to be placed.

Now, as an employee at a grocery store, I realize how much all of the employees probably hated me.

7. Some people are too nice.

In Canada we had this COVID-19 relief program called CERB. It gives you 2000$ a month if you meet certain requirements. One of the requirements is you must make under 1k during the 1 month period.

Anyway I had a job at school that pays my full tuition directly as a “scholarship”, so it doesn’t count as income, and get paid 300$ a month which does count as income. With my other job I make 500$ a month so I would still qualify for CERB. However my boss at my non-school job handed out bonuses for working during covid and mine totaled 300$. I had already applied for CERB so I had to pay back the money I had just recieved.

Basically instead of making just under 3k that month (almost all of which was going to paying my loans), I was only making 1.1k. rip.

6. No good deed goes unpunished.

I am a teacher and was working at an independent school supporting struggling students. One student needed much more support than we could offer, and I spent the year coaching her parents around better options for the following year.

Thankfully, her family got her into a school that better suited her educational needs. And I got… laid off because our highest needs student was gone and the school felt like they no longer needed me as a result.

5. I don’t think that’s legal.

I was the assistant manager of a Dunkin Donuts several years ago. The GM poached me from my last job. Within weeks I was promoted from a regular crew member to asst. manager. The GM and I became close, he was like a brother to me, he called me his little sister, he was always telling me he couldn’t run the store without me, he was always raving about me to the owners and corporate. I‘m a people pleaser so I was thrilled to be in this position.

The GM’s fiancée was also an asst. Manager at this store. She got pregnant. I was the first person they told. We all celebrated. It was such a happy time. A couple weeks later the fiancée lost the baby. She took two weeks off. She was the night manager. We were short-staffed. For two weeks I worked from 7am-10pm, six days a week. That’s how short-staffed we were. No one wanted to work the night shift.

I lived an hour from the store yet I was the first person he called when he needed someone to work if someone called out Or left early. One week this one girl didn’t show up for her shift, didn’t call out. We all called and text her just to make sure she wasn’t hurt or sick. When she finally came back we found out she’d been in a depressive slump because of her boyfriend. She no-called and no-showed for five days but she got to keep her job.

I am bi-polar and have diagnosed clinical depression. I have always had a hard time managing my illness. Around the time I hit my one year mark I spiraled down and went through a very bad dark period. I ended up trying to kill myself and checked myself into the hospital. Because it was the lockdown unit I wasn’t allowed to use the phone. I was unable to call out but before I checked in I called the store and sent the GM a text.

After my 72 hour hold was up and I was released from the hospital my first call was work. Literally five minutes after being discharged I called work to explain. The GM told me ”we don’t need you anymore” and fired me.

4. That’s a story.

My favorite one was the British in India trying to cut down the number of cobras. They put out a bounty on cobras. Then industrious locals seeing an opportunity to fleece the gringos started breeding cobras for the sole purpose to sell to the British for the bounty.

The British officials got wise to what was happening and canceled the bounty program whereupon the locals simply released all of the cobras, exacerbating the problem.

3. I don’t like that.

Good Samaritan guy went to a Waffle House and started paying for folks’ meals and handing out $20 bills.

Douche guy comes up to GoodSam and demands that he pay for a meal for Douche’s girlfriend.

GoodSam refuses because Douche is as Douche does.

Douche leaves restaurant, retrieves his Glock 9mm, goes back into Waffle House and shoots GoodSam in the head, killing him.

2. He couldn’t have known.

If certain reports about him wanting to end slavery are true, then Eli Whitney inventing the cotton gin.

Going by this theory, Whitney hoped that, since the gin drastically reduced the amount of labor needed to process cotton, then people would use slave labor less.

Instead, though, cotton producers simply used more slaves to make even more money (thus, in turn, assisting in the establishment of “King Cotton”).

1. It’s a cycle.

Student loans. The federal government made them easier to get which led to more people getting them and getting them in larger quantities which led to tuition rates rising and the current daycare system for 18-22 year olds that we have now.

They just made the problems so much worse than if they had done nothing.

Intentions only take us so far, you know?

What’s your story that applies to this question? Share it with us in the comments!