People Share the Odd Quirks Their Bodies Have

Because none of us are built exactly the same, we all have strange little quirks with our bodies.

The human body is so complex and we’re all so different that there are countless little differences that are unique to all of us. Hey, variety is the spice of life, right?

What’s your weird body quirk?

AskReddit users talked about theirs.

1. Sweet eye.

“My eyes feel strange when I eat something really sweet.

I don’t know how to describe it but it kind of feels like I want to rub them? Or put pressure on them?

My sister jokes I don’t have a sweet tooth, I’ve got a sweet eye.”

2. Double jointed.

“My thumbs and big toes are double jointed.

I can bend my thumbs completely backwards and use my big toes like little monkey hands.”

3. That’s odd.

“I’m 6 foot, 10 inches tall, but I wear a men’s US shoe size 7.5.

I don’t have small feet. I have tiny feet.”

4. That’s creepy.

“I sleep with my eyes wide open. Always have.

There’s a picture of me asleep on my grandparents couch when I’m about 3, and the caption just says “she’s not dead- 1998.”

Always a fun conversation to have with a new boyfriend.”

5. Hmmmm…

“I can crack the right side of my jaw at will like a wet, bony sounding whip by just tensing up the muscles involved and moving it to the left.

Doesn’t work for the other side.

It’s a cool trick in case I feel my friends haven’t been grossed out enough. I love getting people’s reaction to that.

Also instead of brain freezes, I get lung freezes.”

6. Those are some loooong arms.

“I’m 6’2, but my arm span is 6’9.

So I can touch my knees while standing completely upright.”

7. Sounds painful.

“I have internal Snapping Hip Syndrome.

Means my tendons roll over my hip joints painfully and make an awful sound in the process.”

8. Here it comes…

“My left leg gets cold depending on how stressed I am.

Not physically, but psychologically, like the cold is coming from inside my bones.”

9. Whoa.

“Adrenaline disorder.

It’s some sort of genetic issue from my mother’s side (inbred aristocrats ffs) where my body doesn’t stop producing adrenaline. This is exhausting as is (it’s like having the down you get from adrenaline permanently) but it also prevents me from sleeping

. I almost died to sleep deprivation because of it which is a horrific experience in every sense of the word. On a daily basis now that I have lots of medication to treat it, it has an annoying downside RE pain tolerance.

I don’t feel much anymore which is a sh*tty superpower, so I can absentmindedly scratch through my skin without noticing, get badly burned without noticing etc.

Electric shocks however feel oddly nice now.”

10. Very unique.

“Central heterochromia.

My eyes have rings of two different colors.

The inner rings on both eyes are green, the outer rings on both eyes are grey.”

11. I want that!

“I also have natural noise cancellation.

I can make my ears make a whooshing sound that blocks out most noise.”

12. Strange…

“There’s a spot under my chin which, when touched, makes me start hiccuping.

It makes showering and shaving/trimming my beard rather interesting.”

13. Internal barometer.

“When the barometer changes my body reacts.

If it goes up I’m extremely tired, if it goes down I get a bit grumpy (not sure why, maybe something physical is happening that I can’t pinpoint).

My husband loves it because I basically predict weather.”

14. Your eyes!

“I can move my eyeballs left to right in such high speed, it looks like they’re vibrating”

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