People Share The Folks Who They Think Should Be In Jail

In the whole history of the world, my guess is that there are way too many people who have gotten away with m**der or some other terrible crime that should have landed them in jail.

It can certainly be irritating (at best), though, when the entire world seems to realize that wrongs have been done and yet the perpetrator remains totally free to go about their life – usually because they have money or status of some kind, right?

Here are 16 people that Reddit thinks should be behind bars, and honestly, it’s pretty hard to argue with any of them.

16. I hate all of this.

South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg

TL;DR, he killed a man while presumably drunk and texting and driving. Claimed he hit a deer (the man’s glasses were found in his passenger seat with a hole in the window) so when that was debunk he made up a BS story on how the man was suicidal.

One of his Hi-Po buddies responded to the crash and failed to take a breathalyzer, helped Ravnsborg transport the body of his victim to a nearby ditch where he was left to die.

Ravnsborg was sentenced to community service, that charge has since been dismissed by the Judge.

15. Every last one of them.

All of Epstein’s friends.

14. Throw away the key.

The entire Sackler family.

13. This should not be allowed.

Anne Sacoolas, wife of a US diplomat that committed a hit and run on a 19yo in the uk, resulting in his death, claimed diplomatic immunity and fled to the US.

The US refuses to extradite her because of ‘diplomatic immunity’

12. People are not getting over this ever.

Casey Anthony, most Americans know this case as it was pretty big at the time but it’s what I immediately thought of. She neglected and ultimately killed her 3-year-old child.

She was very sloppy with her cover up, making up fake people and fake stories about real people that were easily disproved. The jury decided her to not guilty. She made up things like her father molesting her which is very unlikely and most people think this was completely made up.

Her mother backed her the whole way and never did anything to make her take responsibility for what she obviously did.

11. I mean seriously.

The Hamburglar. That guy’s been running amok since I was a kid, not even a slap on the wrist. He must have rich parents.

I heard Ronald is his father.

10. How are we still protecting her?

The rotten b*%ch who lied and said Emmett Till cat called her.

The lengths gone to protect her and her good name sicken me.

Several conversations between her and the FBI and her and various journalists where she described her part of the crime are being kept under wraps until after she dies.

9. I mean honestly.

Roman Polanski and Woody Allen.

I’ve lost respect for most of Hollywood for standing by Polanski.

It’s pretty creepy how willing they are to tolerate that until it’s a trendy hashtag they can’t ignore.

8. So nefarious.

Kenneth Griffin.

He’s a financial terrorist.

7. WHAT.

When I was younger there were several kids in the neighborhood that played together. Most of the girls were slightly older than me but I was friends with one of them who in turn was friends with the rest. One day “Sarah” took me over to “Kristen’s” house. I thought she was super cool, with her splattered painter denim jeans.

I was in 4th grade at the time. They were in 6th. There was another girl who loved at the corner, “Beth” and her brother “Jeremy”. We were running around the block, being silly girls and as we ran by their house we heard Jeremy say something so we stopped for a second. He was in 9th grade and was always a little odd even before this day but what happened next I will never forget.

Jeremy was making some rude comments towards us, Kristen in particular. Then out of nowhere he takes a gun, points it at her head and says “I’m gonna shoot you bitch” and shoots her in the head….from 6 feet away!!!

He got sent to a detention center for a couple months then probation for 6 years. That. Is . It. I personally think he should still be in jail. It makes me sick. To make matters worse, several years later I rented an apartment and found out that the woman was Jeremy’s ex girlfriend and the daughter that lived there was his

6. Just living her life.

Cindy Lea hendy, she was the wife of the toy box killer and she took part in and played just as much a role in the kidnapping and r**e of an unknown total number of women.

She was sentenced with 36 years in jail only served 20, and currently no-one knows were she lives that i’m aware of. She deserves to rot in prison just like her husband but as of now she’s out there living her life.

5. Always angry.

I’m still angry the Casey Anthony is free. I don’t think I’ll ever not be angry about it.

4. This one blows my mind.

Casey Anthony.

The story she came up with was ridiculous, Zanny the Nanny. Her own parents don’t even speak with her anymore despite being supportive and believing her at the time of the trial. She even tried to throw her Dad under the bus during court to get sympathy. Partying and getting tattoos at the time she says her daughter was missing, taking part in hot body competitions. All of it.

I do think the parents know more than they are saying though. It makes me so angry whenever I hear Casey’s name mentioned. She should live the rest of her days in prison.

3. The crown is grossly silent.

Prince Andrew.

2. And everyone like him.

Brock Turner.

Throw his dad in there with him.

1. Like yesterday.

Josh Duggar.

Seems pretty likely that he’ll be convicted, at least, considering possession of CP is one of those crimes where there’s no possible good reason/justification to be committing it.

BUT he will never be convicted for molesting his younger sisters and a babysitter while in his teens. When the parents found out, they sent him away for a little bit, then allowed him to return and live in the house with the sisters he molested. At night they would lock the girls in their room, and Josh would have free rein of the house.

Jim Bob and Michelle should have all of their children taken from them.

Wow… those were some real pieces of … yeah.

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