People Share Things That Were Normal 20-30 Years Ago That Are Now Luxuries

This conversation might be depressing…just giving you a heads up.

Because we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about things that they think were normal 20-30 years ago that are considered luxuries today.

Take a look at what they had to say.

It’s tough out there.

“Paying no more than 30% of your income in rent.

I lived in poverty housing and this was how they determined our rent. It was 30% of mom’s income, regardless of how much she was making

That was 20 years ago, not sure what starving kids do today.”

We all need alone time.

“Not being expected to be reachable 24/7.

“Why pay for a phone if you’re not going to use it?”

I pay for the mobile computer the phone is attached to; the phone is just one of thousands of functions.”

For real.

“Household products that didn’t break within the first few years of use.

My grandma had the same fridge from 1993 for a good while before deciding to switch to a newer, bigger one 2 years ago, yes, it broke within those 2 years.

My mom’s wedding cookware is still going strong 25 years later, but whenever she needs new pans they start flaking teflon into the food within a few months.”


“Affordable concert tickets.

17 years ago I spent $30 to see an internationally touring band play a concert, and I thought that was way too high.

Now I’m spending minimum $20 to see local bands. Just on admission.”


“Farmer’s markets.

You used to be able to go down and get fruit and vegetables cheaper than the grocery store.

Now it seems like they charge 3x more than stores do.”



Privacy used to be implicit – it was just there, you didn’t have to think about it.

Now it’s explicit – you have to seek it out and take steps to ensure it remains in force.”

Had enough.

“Not having to provide your email address or phone number for every single thing you do.

Try getting a quick hair cut, “what’s your phone number?” Me: No i just want my haircut, “but we need it for our tracking, how about an email address?”

Me: No i just want a haircut. And suddenly people are looking at you like your a d**k. I have even tried the whole “No thanks i just want a hair cut” It doesnt matter they are still going to continue asking.

I now just make up random s**t. Best part is i go to the same place and they know my face and give me the squinty eyes.”

Hard times.

“Being able to buy a house.

Studio apartments I am working on will rent for 50% of my salary.

How can I spend 50% of my income on rent but still save for a house?”

Used to be good.

“Good quality fabric in clothing.

I have clothes from the 90s (and 80s from my mother) that still hold up today.

These days, I’m lucky if my shirt isn’t saggy and misshapen within a year.”

Not anymore…

“Being able to go out every Friday after work and being able to afford it.

Went out with my cousin. Bought food, four drinks for myself and my fiance. Came out to $120.

Going out got freaking expensive.”

Really annoying.

“Items not requiring a subscription each month.

Also every little appliance you purchase requiring some app or your Email to verify your identity just to use the thing.

You’re a coffee maker. You don’t need my email you just need to make me a coffee once every 3 mornings.”

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