She Sent Her Son Away Because He Told People His Sister Has Dentures. Did She Go Too Far?

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AITA for sending our son away after he revealed to his sister’s friends that she has dentures?

“My husband and I have a 14 year old daughter and a 16 year old son.

When our daughter was eight, she developed a very rare mouth infection that just absolutely devastated her teeth and gums. She ended up losing all her teeth in both sets, and had to have some corrective work done just so she could have regular dentures. Obviously this was very traumatic for her, and she’s still in therapy to help cope to this day.

Our daughter is understandably very self-conscious about this. None of her friends knew about them, in fact nobody besides her doctor and dentist know outside the family, she doesn’t want people to know. She’s very worried about people finding out, and won’t even take her teeth out in front of the rest of us, she’s worried someone will see.

Her and her brother had a good relationship until he did what he did last week. He somehow recorded her taking out her teeth without her noticing, and then showed all her friends when they were over. Not only have they all turned on her, but half the school is teasing her nonstop, she even had to change her phone number because dozens of kids were texting her the most vile things imaginable.

I have never been more ashamed of one of my children until that moment, I don’t know where we went wrong raising him, but apparently he thought it would be funny. After I kicked out her “friends” who were mocking her and helped her through a panic attack, I called my father to pick him up, and told him to pack a bag and get the f**k out. He’s been staying with my parents two towns over, they didn’t know what happened until two days ago.

That came up because driving him to school was becoming a hassle, and they wanted to know what was up. When I explained they were disgusted, but still wanted to know when they could bring him home. I asked them if they’d take care of registering him for school in their town, and they agreed but were shocked. My husband and I talked, and we just cannot have him here.

His sister h**es him, we’re so ashamed we can’t even think of calling him. It sounds awful but I don’t think our relationship can recover from this, and maybe this is what he needs. No friends, no family aside from his grandparents, having to start over might just set him right. My parents are willing to keep him until he’s 18, but think we’re too emotionally charged to be making this decision now.”

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