People Share What Traits They Find Attractive That Most People Usually Don’t

I know my answer to this question!

Although a lot of people probably see it as an imperfection, I loooooove it when a female has a slight gap between her two front teeth.

I don’t know why, I’ve just always felt that way. Anyone else out there like this?

AskReddit users opened up about what they find attractive that most people don’t.

1. Scars.

“Facial scars on women.

I had a girlfriend that had a scar on her nose from an auto accident. I always thought it was hot.

She had joked if she had been burned I would have asked her to marry her.”

2. You’re not alone.

“It was never a conscious thing, but looking back at women I’ve dated or had a crush on… It can’t be denied.

I like big noses and I cannot lie.”

3. Be careful…

“Crazy eyes.

Made a lot of bad decisions not in spite of, but because of, crazy eyes.”

4. Adorable.

“My boyfriend has inset canine teeth.

It makes his smile a little goofy, but I think it’s freaking adorable. If someone looks too perfect I’m not into it, I love an adorable
natural flaw.”

Like the human version of a puppy with one ear that flops down and one up.”

5. Okay, okay…

“I don’t know if people hate this, but I have a thing for foreheads.”

6. Into it.

“I have a… thing for women with natural Resting B*tch Face.

It just twists me and makes me feel tingly all over.

My dream is to chill with someone while unintentionally scowling to the whole wide world together.”

7. I like this, too.

“Dark circles under the eyes.”

8. Big brows.

“My girlfriend is half Dutch, half Spanish, and she has dark natural “bushy” eyebrows.

Every time I look at them I melt.

That in combination with her hazel eyes. Good God…”

9. Pretty hot.

“I actually like girls with relatively deeper voices.”

10. More noses.

“”Hooked” noses.

I have a very round potato nose myself and I cannot for the life of me understand how people find the stereotypical middle eastern nose ugly, it always looks so elegant and pretty.”

11. Crazy hair.

“Unruly hair, extra points if she’s curly haired too.

I fully know the difference between curly hair that’s made to look messy and curly hair that is actually messy.

Both are awesome.”

12. Don’t hear that very often.

“Shorter guys.

I’m 5 ft 1 and want to be able to kiss my guy anytime without having to climb on something first.”

13. Agreed!

“I love a diastema (gap) between front teeth. I’m a dentist and I have a lot of patients who want ‘perfect’ teeth. They demand veneers on perfectly nice and beautiful teeth.

I also have a bunch of people who want to ‘fix that janky gap’ between their front teeth. I always have to hold my tongue. I LOVE a good gap between the front teeth. I think it adds so much personality and makes someone seem more approachable.

I made a denture for a lady once and she asked to have the gap between her teeth put into her denture because she always had it with her natural teeth and it defined her. It was probably the best denture I ever made and she was so happy.”

What do you think?

What do you find attractive that most people out there don’t?

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