People Talk About Celebrities They’ve Lost All Respect for

We tend to put celebrities up on pedestals because they’re rich, beautiful, and famous.

But, just like any segment of society, there are gonna be some major jerks within the ranks.

Hey, do you think all electricians are great guys and gals? Think again, buddy.

AskReddit users went on the record and talked about the celebrities they’ve lost all respect for.

Let’s take a look.

1. Bad reputation.

“Chevy Chase.

Never really a fan of him pre-Community but I at least respected him for putting in the work.

But after hearing how much of a d-bag and how difficult to work with made me lose that respect.”

2. Uh oh…

“James Corden.

Used to think he was slightly funny a long time ago then realized he is a massive c*nt.

There’s a great video of one of the other American TV presenters (I think it was Jimmy Kimmel) asking Corden to name two members of staff of the show. Corden couldn’t name any.

He’s a colossal egotistical c*nt of the highest order.”

3. In a weird circle of people.

“Tom Cruise.

He knows what happened to Shelley Miscavige and he benefits from free labour of Scientologist members, people who are forced to work without pay.”

4. A real daredevil.

“Evel Knievel.

His exact words when my 10 year old self asked him for an autograph were, “Get this kid outta here.”

He also kidnapped his future wife. As in took her from home unwillingly.

But he made bikes jump real good.”

5. A huge one for a lot of people.

“Bill Cosby.

Me and my father listed to his routines for a good part of my childhood, I had a MP3 player filled with his stuff.

First accusation had me shocked, as they piled higher I had to realize that even the most skilled and charismatic people can be horrible.”

6. Megachurch.

“Joel Osteen. The head of Lakewood Church, with an average attendance of 20,000 to his football stadium sized congregation, and an additional 7 million tuned in online.

He’s written several bestselling novels, and with over $40 million dollars in church attendees’ donations each year, he has amassed an incredible wealth. Osteen is not a true man of god, more like a motivational speaker with a Christian mask on. Very little of his wealth is donated, and when a hurricane hit his town of Houston, Texas, he turned people away seeking shelter.

He recently received a $4 million dollar PPE loan from the US government because his massive, multi-million dollar telepreaching business “suffered donation losses” due to COVID. While I can’t say his message is any less meaningful, he is no doubt a shady, selfish man.”

7. Mr. Stiller.

“Ben Stiller, heard a few stories about him being a complete *sshole.

Heard he got one of the film set crew members fired for not getting him a coffee even though it wasn’t his job or something like that.

Heard he also doesn’t like people looking at him and will give people sh*t about it. What do you expect you’re famous.”

8. Actors…

“Hannibal Buress.

About 6 or 7 years ago I had just moved to Los Angeles to work in film and got my start as a P.A. but almost immediately, people saw that I was 6 foot 4 so they had me do stuff with the grip department. I ended up on this small budget indie comedy as a “grip intern” which basically meant I was doing the same heavy lifting/back breaking stuff other people were doing, I just wasn’t getting paid. Neither were a bunch of crew.

The actors of course, always get paid. So I think about 3/4 of the way through our nearly month long shoot, after the 3rd or 14-16 hour unpaid day in a row, we’re on hour 14 and trying to work as fast as possible setting up the next shot so we can get out of there, go back home and get maybe 6 hours sleep before working the next day.

Hannibal yells at the director, that we’re in the corner of his eye line and he’s furious. He basically throws a tantrum and demands that we have to stop doing our job immediately. Mind you… he’s getting paid for his time, many of us were not. And I don’t know if you’ve ever done 14 hours of manual labour, but stopping for an hour and then having to start back up again on very little sleep is pretty awful.

He just had very little regard or empathy for anyone working on the film. Didn’t talk to any of us, wouldn’t interact with us, wouldn’t go near us. I went home that night so tired, I slept through an apartment fire 6 doors down from me, including a truck blasting sirens full on outside my window.”

9. Wow.

“Shia Labeouf. I used to be a Shia STAN. Like I almost drove two hours to pick him up when he was road tripping.

I endlessly called his art experiment where he would just answer the phone and say nothing. I went to the Honey Boy premiere and pitched it to all of my friends. I wished him all the happiness in the world, supported all his strange little projects, DEFENDED him against people bc of his addiction.

Only to find out that he’s abused every one of his girlfriends. It’s disgusting to think that he would treat women that way, but having suffered abusive relationships before and seeing myself in these women (who are my age and share my interests, women I looked up to before they even dated him), he is particularly sickening to me. I know exactly what type of person he is because I’ve gotten just as f*cked by them too.

Even worse is how all of his work reflects how deeply toxic he is; I hate to see everyone scrambling over Pieces of a Woman– as if I could ignore that he plays the exact sort of emotionally abusive *sshole that he is in real life.

He blames everything on his trauma, but guess what! I also had a sh*tty upbringing but I don’t threaten to kill my girlfriends!!! F*cking *sshole.”

10. Rude.

“Venus Williams.

I was a ball boy for her at the 1998 Lipton Championship finals. The entire tournament series, she wore these beads in her hair that would fall out onto the tennis court and create a hazard for the players. It was our job to pick them up. Constantly. The icing on the cake came during the finals match. When she wants a ball, she only motions for it half the time.

The other half of the time she might glance at you and expect you to throw her the ball. Well, she glanced at me and I threw her a ball. Apparently she didn’t want it, because she watched it bounce through her legs and hit the net. She turned around and stared at me with her hands on her hips and the crowd laughed.

The humiliation I felt was intense because I knew the match was being watched by potentially millions of people. Never liked her very much after that incident.”

11. Not surprising at all.

“Kendall Jenner.

I work retail in Amsterdam, she came in my store looking for shoes. It was busy so she had to wait maybe 2 minutes because all staff was already serving customers. Very impatient en verbally letting us know it was taking too long after waiting literally one minute.

Didn’t let me lace up the shoes, just grabbed them from my hands. Tried to pay in dollars (?!) She was like “this is American money” I really had to try my best not to say; yeah and it’s not worth much in Europe. She was accompanied by Hayley Baldwin who was much more polite. They parked a huge *ss Mercedes right in front of the store blocking the sidewalk and entrance.

We’ve seen many celebs in our store over the years, most of which were very nice. She was not.”

12. Hollywood hotshot.

“James Cameron. His movies are great but he’s such an *ss. There’s a reason why the crews to your movies are constantly revolting against you.

Here’s some stuff about him.

He’s been married five times. His marriage to Linda Hamilton ended after just 8 months because he was caught cheating with Suzy Amis, who played Rose’s granddaughter in Titanic.

He calls Agnosticism “cowardly atheism”.

Orson Scott Card described him as “selfish and cruel” while working on the novelization to The Abyss.

After working with Cameron on Titanic, Kate Winslet decided she would not work with him again unless she earned “a lot of money”. She said that Cameron “is a nightmare to work with”.

Sam Worthington said Cameron would use a nail gun to nail the crew’s cell phones to a wall in retaliation for unwanted ringing during production of Avatar.

The first editor of The Terminator got fed up with Cameron and refused to edit the movie to Cameron’s specifications. He did it so he could get fired.

The crew that worked on Aliens walked off the set. The entire crew. They eventually came back after a lengthy negotiation and an apology from Cameron for his conduct.

Composer James Horner refused to work with him for ten years after doing the score to Aliens.

Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio still refuse to talk about their experience working with him on The Abyss. Some few things that are known is that Cameron ordered the actors to go to the bathroom in their diving suits to save time between takes and every actor in the movie had major breakdowns at some point during the production of the movie.

One of the few things that Harris has said is that he was driving home one day while shooting and spontaneously started crying and he had to pull to the side of the road until he stopped. Mastrantonio has just said it was a horrible experience.

The cast had to relieve their anger by completely destroying their dressing rooms. Tossing couches and ripping the walls apart.”

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