People Talk About the Affordable Products They Think Are Life-Changing

I bought a headlamp from Amazon about a year ago and all I can say is that I wish I would have bought one of these darn things about 20 years ago.

It was $8 and I bought it on a whim for no good reason at all, but I use it CONSTANTLY.

For cleaning, looking around in the attic, trying to figure out why my stereo stopped playing, etc.

I love it! And all for EIGHT BUCKS!

What affordable products can change your life?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. I love good socks!

“A while back I replaced all my socks.

Bought a few packs of the exact same Hanes every day socks, and a pack of black dress socks just in case.

I don’t have to sort and match socks after laundry anymore, I just toss them in the sock drawer. Just grab two socks and you know they’ll match.”

2. People sure do like them.

“A humidifier.

No more dry skin in the winter. No more sore throats in the morning.

Mine even has a little pod that you can put a drop of essential oil on if you want it to smell good.”

3. Lots of liquids.

“A reusable water bottle, it’s amazing how much of a difference there is in the amount of happiness you have when you just stay hydrated.”

4. I want one!

“A weighted blanket.

I got one for my girlfriend, but found that I also sleep way better using it too. It’s like having a gentle, full body hug while you feel asleep.”

5. Keep ’em coming.

“A house plant.

After a few weeks you’ll get addicted to loving it and in a blink of an eye your room will be a tropical jungle.”

6. For all the cooks out there.

“A digital kitchen scale. You can get a decent one under $20. Following recipes by weight instead of volume is much easier and dirties fewer implements.

Stainless steel nested mixing bowls with a grip bottom and handles.

A second set of measuring spoons and measuring cups, if you have space.

Good salt. Kosher salt for cooking and flaky sea salt for garnishing.”

7. Probably a good idea.


For real, some people should really consider buying them.”

8. Get those teeth clean.

“Electric toothbrush, much better than conventional ones.

Mine cost $18.

Brushing teeth is now much more effortless.

I used to feel tired brushing my teeth properly.”

9. Under the sea.

“Swimming goggles with a prescription degree.

It really is life changing after swimming blindly for so many years.”

10. No more guessing.

“A meat thermometer, take all the guess work out of your internal temperatures.

No more assuming and possibly eating undercooked meat or eating dried out chicken.”

11. Just in case.

“One of those battery packs to jumpstart your car.

I bought one a few years back and keep it in the car.

Have used it to not only jump my own car but several other folks in need of help.

Also bought one for my son for peace if mind.

He also has used his numerous times.

It can also charge phones and other small devices.”

12. They last forever.

“A cast iron skillet.

It’s a super versatile piece of cookware that if taken care of properly will last a lifetime.”

13. Sounds pretty good.

“Tub Shroom.

It’s a rubber plug type thing with holes in it that you put in the tub drain (kind of shaped like a mushroom, hence the name). It catches probably 95% of hair and gunk while still allowing the water to flow down.

After your shower, just remove from the drain and pull off the hair (this part can maybe be a little gross, but hey, it’s your hair) and toss in the garbage.

They’re maybe $15-$20, and will save you heaps of time, money, and frustration by keeping your drain clear.”

14. Useful as hell.

“Box cutter.

As a kid I had no idea I’d spend so much of my adult life breaking down boxes for recycling.”

15. Good investment.

“An instant pot.

Completely changed my attitude towards cooking.

Also, the meals i make are very tasty and last for days. so great investment, saves money.

I eat healthier, but still enjoy restaurant-quality meals.”

Do you own any affordable products that you think are life-changing?

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