People Talk About the Internet Trends They Were More Than Happy to See Die

Do you remember some of your favorite Internet trends from yesteryear?

What about some of your LEAST favorite trends? Yeah, I bet you had a bunch of those as well!

And, let’s be honest, we all did…and we’re glad they’re gone forever.

Let’s check in with AskReddit users and see what they had to say about this.

1. No thanks!

“Game requests on Facebook.

These pushed me off FB. This was around the time my friends’ parents and other older people from my hometown started adding me. I accepted because they didn’t seem bad when I was kid.

When they weren’t spamming my newsfeed with racist articles or obviously fake conspiracy theories, they were requesting I join CANDY CRUSH CASINO or MAFIA STORIES.”

2. Daniel.

“Daaaaamn, Daniel.

Oh God, I’m so glad that doesn’t exist anymore.

Of course Ellen had them on her show and gave Daniel a lifetime supply of white vans.

I wonder if even he can’t watch it now without cringing.”

3. Remember this?

“For crying out loud how has nobody mentioned L33T yet?

Am I that old that the most annoying trend in internet history died before people here were born?”

4. Way overdone.


Yes, I get what it means and honestly when it was used correctly it could be kind of funny but it got to a point where it was being lazily added to every single meme on the internet and hardly made sense anymore.”

5. Planking.


I think it was funny, largely wholesome fun for a lot of people. I remember being down the shore on vacation with my whole extended family, and finding creative ways to plank and show everyone. Grandma even tried!

The problem with it, like most things, are the people that take it too far. Especially with the internet being around to constantly compare yourself to others. Once people started getting hurt, then trend should have died.”

6. The evolution of memes.

“Really glad memes evolved past rage comics.

Had some friends in high school that would say rage comic things out loud and I was embarrassed for them every time.”

7. No more poking.

“Facebook pokes.

It’s weird anyway. It’s like that weird cat girl in middle school lightly scratching on my shoulder because she wants my attention so she can show off her new tail that she got from her uncle.

No Stacy, I didn’t care then and don’t care now.”

8. Weird.


I think it was only a UK Trend but an evil doll called Momo told kids to self harm.

It scared me and I’m 25.”

9. Gross.

“Remember that ice cream lick challenge?

Where people would go to a grocery store or supermarket, take the top off a tub of ice cream, lick the ice cream, then put the top back on the tub as if nothing happened?

Needless to say, that was disgusting.”

10. No more.

“Does anyone remember that rating website, HotOrNot?

It sucked. Literally the only point was to tell people how ugly they are.”

11. It hurt.

“I was really glad that bottle flip died.

I can recall a few years ago when some kid tried to bottle flip and instead pelted the bottle at my face.

It hurt.”

12. Amen!

“The Kardashians and everything related to them… I don’t care about their life and they are not such a big deal.

They sell makeup.

Enforce the “pretty == dumb” stereotype.

Behave like 8 yo on international TV.

So f*cking happy they canceled their show so I will never have to get bombed with their faces again. They can live theirs life as they want but they just got idolized for being irresponsible and dysfunctional.”

13. No way!

“Chain emails.

“Forward this to 20 people in the next 10 minutes and you’ll be blessed with good fortune.””

14. Not the best time in history.

“Tide pod eating.

“Lmao I’m gonna put myself in risk of dying for attention”

I don’t understand people sometimes.”

How about you?

What Internet trends are you glad aren’t around anymore?

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