People Talk About the Unrealistic Things in Movies That Really Bother Them

I have a very distinct memory of seeing the movie Speed in the theater when I was younger.

It was really exciting, and when the part when the out-of-control bus being driven by Sandra Bullock jumped that HUGE section of highway and landed safely on the other side happened, two older gentlemen sitting in front of me started dying laughing because of how unrealistic it was…

But I was pretty young and didn’t pick up on the ridiculousness of it at the time, so their laughter hurt my feelings. And it ruined my life. And apparently, I’m still not over it…

The point is that all kinds of wacky things happen in movies.

AskReddit users opened up about unrealistic things in movies that really get on their nerves.

1. Painful.

“People who yank out their IVs.

I tugged on mine once and I f*cking cried.”

2. Seems like you’re doing fine.

“Working as a waitress, or some other near minimum wage/poverty wage job and having excessive time off and money and things like huge houses.”

3. He’s fine.

“The standard car flips over five times and catches on fire and every single time, Vin Diesel walks out unscathed.”

4. Doesn’t happen.

“Finding car keys “hidden” behind a car’s sun visor.

I don’t know a single real human who has ever used this method when stashing keys.”

5. Found it!

“People Googling exactly what’s happening to them and getting the answers they’re looking for. Happens a lot in scary movies.

A house is being haunted by the ghost of a tall man, and the owners Google “Tall man ghost” and find exactly the article that explains who the ghost is and what happened to him.”

6. No problem!

“”I need information from this computer.”

Tech guy runs over and starts hammering wildly on the keyboard, “I’m in!”

The keyboard is plugged into a xbox, and the OS is windows 2000.”

7. Let’s have a look…

“The fight or flight response doesn’t seem to exist in horror movies.

If I come across a friend’s dead body in the woods, my first instinct isn’t to investigate the scene.

I am getting the f*ck out of there and calling the police.”

8. What could it be?

“Most people in real life know what zombies and vampires and such are, but in a lot of movies people act all perplexed like “what the heck is THIS new monster thing?”

And scratch their heads…”

9. I like beer.

“When someone asks for a beer, they never specify what kind of beer they want but the bartender always seems to give them the right one.”

10. Not accurate.

“Why is Africa always depicted as nothing but dirt roads, bush and animals?

I live in Africa and have never had an elephant strolling by my window or a giraffe eating through my kitchen window.

Also, we have some really nice houses, not just huts. We also have high rise buildings, blue flag beaches, five star resorts, world standard airports (not just the dirt strips you see in movies) and much more!

And don’t get me started on the “African/Wakanda” accent they used in Black Panther….”

11. Hmmm…

“When they try to casually slip in something that you just know will be crucial later on in the film.

Like someone saying to the hero, “how’s that online course in lock picking going ?”

You know he’ll be picking a lock at some point later .”

12. Funny.

“Dressing room montages.

You waited for the last possible minute to buy that outfit you need (it’s going to change your life!) you’re not going to be laughing and goofing around in the dressing room.

You’re going to be going, “It doesn’t fit!” while your mom stands outside the door saying, “Do you think a different size would work? Do you want me to ask if they have a 12?” “NO I HATE IT THERE’S NOTHING HERE I’LL NEVER FIND ANYTHING I’M NOT GOING TO THE PROM”.”

13. This is true.

“In a horror movie, everyone acts insanely stupid.

No one ever believes each other, they go outside to investigate a loud noise when there’s been a string of murders, etc.

“Our best chance is if we split up”.”

14. All of this stuff.

“Getting a parking spot right in front of the address in a big city.

Falling 15 feet and then catching yourself by one hand on a tiny protrusion.

A character just enters the house and starts talking. Even when the scene is in an interior room. No doorbell, no getting the door.

Adults walking around an elementary school without being questioned or accosted by staff.”

What unrealistic things in movies really get on your nerves?

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