People Talk About Things That Can Mess up Your Life Even if You Only Experience It Once

You’re about to hear a cautionary tale, folks…

I had a friend when I was younger who got heavily into psychedelic drugs and he was never the same after he did them.

Something changed in his brain chemistry and he sadly went off the deep end.

And I never, ever touched that stuff because I saw what it did to him and it scared the hell out of me.

What can mess up your life by only doing it once?

Here’s what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Terrible stuff.


I haven’t touched h**oin or pain k**lers in over 7 years but, I still have regular dreams of banging a fat shot of dope and all of my earthly problems melting away.

I find it incredibly sad how the birth of my son couldn’t even come close to the high of some good clean dope. Nothing will ever feel that good, and I understand why a good chunk of my friends growing up just ended up d**ng. Heroin is fu**ing evil.”

2. Forever changed.

“Nothing in life prepares you for caring for an ailing/d**ng parent.

It is an absolute heartbreaker and mind f**k. It negatively changed my personality.”

3. Horrible.

“When I was 7 I saw a neighborhood kid run his bike into a tall cement retaining wall at high speed and hit his head.

He d**d at the base of that wall. We lived way out in the country and it took forever for help to come.

I could hear his mom wailing 3 houses away in the middle of the night. Was over 50 years ago and still haunts me to this day.”

4. Sad.

“The moment you grandma, grandpa, dad, or mom doesn’t remember who you are after suffering from Alzheimer’s or some other similar disease.

My grandma had a stroke in early 2020 and has been in a nursing home ever since. I didn’t see her for 2 years straight because of COVID and the last time I saw her, she had no idea who I was.

She practically raised me because she worked at the preschool I went to and picked me up from school everyday and stayed at my house until my parents got home late from work. I can tell she is near the end of her life.”

5. Still thinking about it.

“Having to make the choice to turn life support off on your 26 year old wife.

Over 30 years ago and just thinking about it rips my guts out.”

6. Tragic.

“Finding a d**d body.

My neighbor committed s**cide with a shotgun to the mouth in his truck across the street from where I was living at the time. Considering the close proximity I never heard a thing. It happened overnight so I can only assume everyone slept through it somehow.

I went to get into my car to go to work that morning and just happened to notice that something seemed “off” as i saw the windows of his truck. Unfortunately i got a little closer and realized what i was looking at.

20 years later and that image has never left my memory. He was a super nice guy, I hope he found peace wherever he ended up.”

7. Stuck with it.

“A felony.

Even nonv**lent, even 10 years ago — it never goes away.”

8. Now you know.

“Being diagnosed with a personality disorder and it suddenly hitting you that you have always been the problem.”

9. Family trauma.

“Have both a parent and a sibling OD and d** 5 years apart.

The latter happening in my bedroom when I wasnt even there.”

10. Sorry for your loss.

“Losing a child.

My son would’ve been 24 this year and I am still not over it.

It’s not in the forefront of my brain every moment like it used to be, but the wrong thought, or sight ir smell and it’s like it just happened.”

11. Betrayed.

“Being cheated on by someone you trust and love completely.

You may move on. You may find someone that’s more worthy of your attention and love.

But that betrayal will always be a part of you.”

12. Very hard.

“Being with your pet while it’s being euthanized.

We owe it to them to be there in their final moments, but I know it really f**ked me up.”

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