People Talk About Things They Really Don’t Like That Seem to Be Universally Loved

I know my answer to this question!

And I know that I’ll probably get some grief for this…but here we go.

I don’t like The Big Lebowski. I don’t think it’s funny and I just can’t seem to get into it…and I’ve tried more than once…

But the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD seems to think it’s just the funniest and most brilliant movie ever. So what am I missing here…?

What are some things that people really love that you REALLY DON’T?

AskReddit users went on the record and shared their thoughts.

1. No big deal.

“My birthday.

I like to just have a normal day.

I don’t care that X years ago I was forcefully brought into this world…

Just leave me be.”

2. Take that back!

“Having everything on a burger.

It just creates a big mess whenever I bite into it and I hate it.”

3. Not a fan of the heat.

“Summer / hot weather!

I’m admittedly such a miser during summer, I’d happily skip straight to Autumn (best season). The only thing I enjoy about summer are intense thunderstorms!

It seems like most people feel more depressed in Autumn/Winter, but I’m the opposite, Summer makes me feel worse for some reason.

Everyone talks about how they can’t wait to get away on holiday to really hot countries so they can lay in the sun and tan. That just sounds like my worst nightmare!”

4. I don’t like it either.

“Reality TV.

Everyone I know tells me they watch it to relax but it just stresses me out!

Everyone is so upset with each other all the time, what’s relaxing about that?”

5. No thank you!

“Going out to clubs.

It’s my nightmare.

So boring, so sweaty, hard to dress for, heels hurt my feet, drinks are expensive, guys can be sleazy

I’m sure girls too, I just don’t have that problem…”

6. Not gonna happen again.


Sometimes I tell people that I grew up orthodox Jew because they accept that fairly easily.

The real reason is when I was a kid I accidentally ate some bad bacon and it made me so sick I still can’t stand the smell/taste, my brain just says “this will make you puke for three days.””

7. This!

“Literally worshipping celebrities like gods.

It’s just creepy to me I don’t get it.

I get if u do something super amazing, but being the 7th richest person on earth isnt that important, and a bit sketchy.”

8. Bored to tears.

“Superhero movies.

They’ve just become so cliche and formulaic.

I don’t need to see yet another origin story where someone develops powers, gets beat at the start, learns how to better control them, and then beats the bad guy an hour later.”

9. I pass on grass.


Most people I know smokes/has smoked it. But when I get even the slightest whiff of the smoke, I get bad migraines that lasts 30 mins.. and I do mean literally EVERY single time. I don’t know how I get sick or why it happens.

Every time I would hang out with my Family/Friends, I would feel guilty because they would move to the window or they just usually stop coz they know that I get sick.”

10. Kind of weird.


The cult worship of everything Disney is f*cking weird, especially by adults, the workers at the parks are treated awfully by patrons and corporate alike

The movies are generic and suck, the parks are bullsh*t and everything is ridiculously overpriced.

I’m also from Florida so maybe I’m biased.”

11. Too commercialized.

“How commercialized the Holidays have become.

I love Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, and Halloween.

What I hate is how commercialized they have become.

I have heard people see Christmas decorations being sold before HALLOWEEN! Last month, I walked into a store and saw Halloween crap! Dude! Stay in your lane! If you start selling Christmas stuff before Advent starts, you need to check yourself!

Also, those people who are like “Only 275 days until Christmas!”

Stop. Please stop.”

12. You’re missing out!


I absolutely cannot stand eggs, but EVERYONE ELSE loves them. It’s annoying and embarrassing going out for breakfast and trying to find something that isn’t f*cking eggs.

“I’ll just have the pancakes with a side of ham”

“How do you want your eggs?”

“I don’t want eggs””

13. Enough!


I just don’t care for them.

Yes that included all the old Disney movies that everyone obsesses over.”

14. Keep it down!

“Birds chirping in the morning.

I’m not an angry person at all and have never been in a fight or felt the urge to hit anyone, but if I had a gun on my bedside table the birds of Oslo would not be safe between 5 and 7 am.”

15. Okay, take it easy.

“Babies. I hate babies.

They are annoying, loud, and always have something gross coming out of them. I never want to have one in my house.

I’d be less annoyed if people weren’t so obsessed with babies. I don’t need to know about the color of your babies poop. I don’t need to know about your baby who pees everywhere when they are changed. BABIES ARE EXHAUSTING AND I DON’T NEED THAT IN MY LIFE.

I’m already tired from existing and having sh*tty mental health.”

What do you despise that everyone else on the planet seems to adore?

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