People Talk About What Will Never Be the Same After the Pandemic Is Over

Exactly one year ago, it would have been hard to imagine what was in store for us in the year 2020.

And it really seems like a Hollywood screenwriter would not have been able to imagine what we’ve all gone through this year…but here are!

And the pandemic has changed the way we all live our lives, no doubt about it.

AskReddit shared their opinions about what will never be the same after the pandemic is finally over.

1. Might be the new normal.

“Health care workers going to work without a mask on.

Definitely took for granted seeing my co workers smiling faces during my long shifts.”

2. A new way to shop.

“Shopping will continue to be mostly online and malls will likely die out faster than they were already going to.”

3. I sure hope not.

“Movies, unfortunately. Cinemas specifically.

I’m sure a lot of production companies will take enormous losses or possibly file bankruptcy as no one is paying to go see movies anymore. The other issue being that no one can really make movies at the moment either

. Travel bans all over, logistic issues, actors not able to be within close proximity to one another, and then all the post-production work that, for the most part can’t be done from home.

Little to no support for creative arts jobs from governments around the globe. Artists encouraged to retrain in other sectors.”

4. Connected like never before.

“Literally this morning, our local paper reported that the government is aiming to achieve full internet coverage throughout Indonesia, reaching even the remote villages by 2024.

We had a local meme as our boomer minister said a few years back something in the line of “Why do we need strong internet access?” It took the poor stealing smartphones for the sole purpose of letting their kids attend online classes to convince them.

So the answer to the question is: some boomers’ view on the value of internet accessability.”

5. College life.

“As a current college student, I am in favor of keeping recorded lectures.

It’s way more helpful than just having notes or slides.”

6. Making memories.

“Time spent with my kids.

Pre-pandemic I would leave the house at 6:15 am to commute to the office, usually before anyone else in my house is awake. And I’d get home most evenings just in time to put them to bed. I’ll never go back to that.

I know now what I was missing.”

7. Enough of that.

“People coming into work sick to show how dedicated to work they are or saving those days for ‘mental health days’ meant ironically.

No Justin! Don’t come over to my desk with your coughing and runny nose telling me how bad you’re ‘roughing it’ at work to get some sympathy.

“If you’re looking for sympathy, look under the dictionary between sh*t and syphilis”!”

8. Masks everywhere.

“Anytime you’re sick, you’ll wear a mask.

I’m amazed at all the times I flew before when I had a cold, and didn’t wear a mask.”

9. Like a kid again.

“Video games. They feel like they did when I was a teenager again.

Usually I feel guilty that I’m not doing something more productive, but right now I could care less about spending a whole weekend doing almost nothing but playing video games.”

10. WFH.

“Hopefully Working From Home (WFH) will become more of a normal thing, and companies will have much smaller offices.”

11. Might not survive.

“Cruise Ships.

It’s dubious that industry will come out the other side without radical changes.”

12. Big fan of that.

“A small thing, but I hope the QR code menus at restaurants stick around.”

13. The friendly skies?

“Airline fares.

Now they’re doing all this validity extension and not charging change fees.

As soon as COVID is over, they’ll go right back to the restricted fares of before.”

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