What Will Never Be the Same Again Once the Pandemic Is Over? Here’s What People Said.

While it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel in regard to the pandemic, we’re not out of the woods yet, so we all need to remember to keep wearing masks and maintaining social distance from each other.

BUT, it is interesting to imagine how life will change because of this once-in-a-lifetime tragedy.

What will never be the same after the pandemic is over?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. Stay home.

“I’d feel fantastic if remote work remained permanent.

I can get rid of my second car to save money. Lunch at home. Meetings are shorter and less annoying than in person. People have actually been sending work over email instead of interrupting me with their random bullsh*t. And it’s pretty awesome not having to deal with traffic or deal with people in general.

I don’t understand people who are dying to go back to the office. Seriously?”

2. Well, there’s that.

“My respect for a great many people.

Before this, I really thought our stupidity had limits.

At this point, I don’t know if we could stop people from rolling in gas and lighting themselves on fire.”

3. Let’s keep it clean.

“Hopefully frequent handwashings will become the norm. And hand sanitizers in shops, restaurants and public spaces.

As someone who refuses to touch food if I haven’t washed my hands (I am emetophobic, I’m terrified of the stomach flu), this endless supply everywhere I go is really nice.

And people who usually don’t care about washing their hands do it more often!”

4. The loner life.

“I’ve enjoyed the solitude of not having so many social obligations.

Once this is all over, I’ll have to go back to being the *sshole that lies about not feeling well to get out of them.”

5. That will be interesting.

“Childhood development theories – we now have an entire group of children who have missed what are regarded as developmental milestones.

Learning to play cooperatively with others, learning to share, empathy building, etc. It will be very interesting to see the research coming out over the next decade or so.”

6. Can’t do that anymore.

“Blowing out birthday candles on a cake then eating it.”

7. Looking for love.

“Dating is going to get even more app related which isnt good for most people honestly.

Especially if people work at home more and don’t go out for entertainment.”

8. Germs.

“Germaphobia now becoming socially accepted and even encouraged.

Thank goodness I got therapy for my germaphobia years ago, else I’d be feeling so validated right now, I’d probably justify never leaving my house, never breathing unfiltered air and never touching something with bare hands ever again.

I often wonder what my therapist who helped cure me would be thinking right now, scary time to be alive!”

9. Wishful thinking.

“The US government (hopefully).

I want us to get rid of the two party system and truly elect those into senate and house of reps who have the best interest of the world and the people at heart.

This red and blue sh*t is too much.”

10. Good times gone.

“Dave & Busters.

I don’t think it’s gonna make it, and I’m going to miss that place.

Seriously, I have at least $40 of credit on a bunch of their cards and I guess at this point I just have to chalk that up as a loss.”

11. Lonely.

“My social life.

I thought I had friends, but I’ve had zero conversations with them since the pandemic shut schools down in March.

And from what I’ve seen, I’m not the only one. Lots of people are finding out that their friends aren’t actually their friends.

It’s kind of a depressing realization, honestly.”

12. Keep it all online.

“I hope meetings like school board, PTA, church organizations, etc will continue to at least have a zoom option if not stay entirely online.

Our local school board has had about 10x their normal turnout for the meetings since they moved online.

Part of that was all of the uncertainty over the plans for this fall but a lot was also that people are willing to watch a school board meeting from their couch but not leave the house in the evening to go to one.”

13. Gotta be cautious.

“I really hope people will keep wearing masks on public transport. At the least I’ll keep wearing mine.

I used to get soooo many colds but now I’m not on packed trains I haven’t caught a single sniffle”

14. That’s a good thing.

“People actually care about hygiene.

I thought I was crazy washing my hands for a minute after I used the restroom or used a paper towel to open doors while leaving it when so many other people didn’t. Completely grossed me out.

Who knew understanding how viruses work would be a life protip?”

How about you?

What do you think will never be the same after the pandemic is finally over?

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