People Talk About When They Think Villains in Stories Were Actually Right

Are villains right sometimes?

Have we been looking at these men and women the wrong way all along?

Well, these AskReddit users sure seem to think so.

Check out what they had to say about the villains they think were actually right.

This is gonna be fun!

You dumb kid!

“The dad in the Lego movie.

Legit had the most impressive Lego city I’ve ever seen and his dumb kid was messing around and wrecking all the time and effort he put into it.

They’re expensive!”

Have you seen it?

“The Wolf from Puss in Boots 2 is so so good.

This movie had no right being this good and a big part is thanks to the Wolf.”

Just doing his thing.

“Scorpius in Farscape.

The guy is just trying to acquire a weapon that will protect his civilisation in an inevitable galactic war. Crichton basically has that and won’t give it up.

War starts, thousands, if not millions, die before Crichton basically uses the weapon itself to threaten everyone into stopping, and Scorpy is finally happy.”

Good point.

“Joker: “A bus in Afghanistan blows up and nobody bats an eye but if one blows up here everybody loses there minds”.”


“The Grinch.

He just didn’t want his anoying neighbors to play their loud music first thing in the morning.”


“Lex Luthor in Smallville.

His best friend was constantly lying to him and gaslighting him, and people randomly kept treating him like garbage for years before he finally snapped.”

The purge.

“Arthas when he purged Stratholme.

His mentor and his best friend just abandon him, and leave him to bear the burden alone. Imagine if Uther and Jaina had been present to help handle Mal’ganis and offer support.

It could have staved off the madness!”

A time to bomb.

“The military command who wanted to firebomb the town in Outbreak to “be compassionate globally”.

Betting that scientists could find one monkey on the loose (assuming it could still survive far outside its natural habitat) and use it to make vaccines for everybody in the town before the disease spread (and all with nineties technology) only worked because Hollywood.”

Had to be done.

“Walter Peck from “Ghostbusters” was a p**ck, but the EPA absolutely needed to investigate the environmental impact of the Ghostbusters.

Considering that they use a laser containment system, it’s doubtful there would be anything for the EPA to worry about.

Had a reasonably friendly EPA wonk had encountered Ray the whole conflict would have likely been avoided.”

Ferris Bueller!

“Principal Ed Rooney.

Sure he eventually went too far but the guy was ultimately just doing his job.”

He had a bad day.

“William Foster in Falling Down.

“I don’t want to be your buddy, Rick. I just want some breakfast.””


“Dean Wormer in Animal House. “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

As scummy and fascist and smarmy as Omega House was, and as crooked as Dean Wormer was, Delta House was causing havoc on campus, and the administration needed to put an end to that crap for the rest of the student body to be able to learn in a safe environment.”

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