People Who Knew Murderers Talk About When They Knew Something Was Wrong

Have you ever know a person who killed someone?

I haven’t…at least not that I know of…

But, as you can imagine, there are a lot of people out there who have. And we’re in luck because they have some tales to tell.

People on AskReddit shared their stories about knowing murderers. Let’s check them out.

1. Distracted.

“He lived down the hall from me and we hung out sometimes but not like just the two of us. Still, we’d chill at each other’s place regularly.

I passed him one day in the stairwell and I said hi. He said hi back but called me by the wrong name. He was really distracted and kind of awkward. He didn’t make eye contact and kept moving.

I remember thinking maybe we we don’t know each other as well as I thought. Later he was playing Nintendo (yep, my N64 – this was a while ago) with my roommate when I came home. He apologized and said his mind was elsewhere.

A couple days later there are cops all over the building, interviewing people and searching his place. They’d found the guy’s roommate with a bullet in the back of his head in an abandoned lot across town. The next day he confessed.”

2. The creeps.

“There was a kid I went to high school with who always gave me the creeps, we had a lot of mutual friends so we always ended up hanging out and it always made me feel really uncomfortable.

Our senior year he got suspended for like a week because someone had found and turned in a hit list he had made, no one really took it too seriously. About three years after we graduated he was in the news for murdering a man in our town that he barely knew.

He told the police that he held the man’s eyes open so he could watch his life leave his body.”

3. A little odd.

“Had an employee on my work crew, acted strange and wouldn’t listen to direction.

Had goofy huge sideburns. Ended up going to jail for a short time, when he got out he shot his girlfriends and her parents.”

4. Uncomfortable.

“Looking back, I should have known immediately, but I didn’t even know what I was seeing.

In 2016, I was working as a server, and one of my coworkers was always complaining about her sh*tty husband and how they always fought. They were from Chicago, and kind of just always loud and aggressive, so I didn’t think much of it.

One night, they both came in for dinner and drinks and sat in my section, and I was looking forward to finally meeting her husband so I could give him a face…I just remember not being able to look him in the eye; feeling super uncomfortable any time I needed to go over to their table, because my friend would try to spark convo—and I wanted to talk to her—but the guy’s presence just sitting there would make my skin crawl.

They left that night but soon she stopped coming to work and then, a couple weeks later, news broke about the murder-suicide (husband being the murderer).

It was heartbreaking…and I no longer take lightly word of domestic disputes.”

5. A kind person.

“I knew this kid my entire life. We were friends in elementary and middle school (more middle school.) He was your typical redneck kid but a kind person.

Imagine if Pinky from Pinky and the Brain grew up in the rural south. Well as people do in school we drifted apart. He honestly wasn’t the person in the group I was friends with he was just in that circle. So we went about out lives.

A year after we graduated in the same town we all grew up in he killed his entire family. Mother, brother, stepsister, father. Just for no reason. Nothing really provoked him from my understanding. He left and went to ride atv’s with his friend later that day. They caught him and he had no memory of it.

He went to court and got life and never could recount a single moment (at least he said.) It was weird seeing this kid who was to your knowledge just dumber than a bag of hammers yet a odd innocence to him, on trail for such atrocities. He just sat stone faced the entire time.

Almost like he didn’t understand what had happened. Not to say I felt bad for him but I felt something, sadness perhaps.”

6. Anger issues.

“My biological dad ended up murdering my step-mom. Everyone in my family, my mom and two older brothers definitely knew that something was up.

He had severe anger issues and was very abusive, some of the earlier memories I have are of him choking one of my brothers. He even almost choked my mom to death a couple of times. Obviously my mom was smart and divorced him as he didn’t want to see him kill my brothers.

Years later I come home from school and my mom and step-dad take us all to the side and tell us he shot our step-mom and was currently in jail. None of us were surprised. If anything I was just so grateful my mom left him.

It’s so strange that I am directly related to a murderer.”

7. Jose.

“The first time I met him.

Jose was a friend of my ex and something immediately seemed off. He was sneaky, always lying and cheating (but not good at it cause he was dumb), and a total narcissist as well. I told my ex to keep his distance, that Jose would only get him into some sh*t.

Not only did he set my ex up to be robbed, Jose snitched on a bunch of other people, and finally snapped on stranger in a fit of road/roid rage and stabbed him.

The guy he killed was fairly young and a good kid, just in the wrong place at the time. I hope that *sshole rots in prison.”

8. Class clown.

“Kid I went to school with from 5th to 8th grade. He was always a d*ck. Typical class clown but with a mean streak.

When we hit middle school he was always making comments about/to girls that were incredibly inappropriate. I never liked him and hated being around him.

He ended up getting into meth and shot his mom and dad in their sleep while high. His mom died and his dad survived but was severely injured. Last I heard he was crying crocodile tears saying he regrets everything and wants another chance.

But knowing him, it’s total bullsh*t. He deserves to rot.”

9. Right away.

“The moment he told me that back home in Russia he once shot a guy who kept insulting him.

Weirdest wedding party encounter ever – but it seems I’m distantly related to a murderer since around 13 years or so.”

10. Rage.

“I know one and still keep in contact with him. We all knew he had issues with rage, but we never thought he would’ve killed someone.

We worked together at this restaurant for a while and we got really close. Like if I wasn’t in a committed relationship at the time I would’ve dated him. He was super chill, down to earth and the sweetest person…until something triggered him. He didn’t get angry often, but he had triggers that would send him into a rage.

He was horribly abused as a child by his father, so there was a lot of resentment towards men that looked like his dad or talked down to him. That is where we bonded, because I was abused by my mother. Thankfully, I had the resources to manage my trauma. Unfortunately, he did not.

His parents believed that God was going to cure his traumas. It got to the point where his mother left, because his father would pull him out of therapy as soon as they would start making progress and she couldn’t deal with it anymore.

He ended up suffering from a concussion about 6 months after I met him. He was helping a friend move and had a dresser fall on his head. After this he wasn’t the same. He quit coming into work and went almost radio silent. We would still talk, but we weren’t as close as we were before.

At the time, I was moving into the city and he lived in the suburbs so we had planned on getting together to catch up! A week later, I got a call from my friend at 7 in the morning saying that he was in jail for hiding a body…I was shook.

After an investigation, they interrogated him and he confessed pretty quick. He beat his dad to death with a barbell and tried to hide the body in the house. Afterwards he ended up trying to kill himself but was unsuccessful, so he just left the house. After he was booked, I sent him a letter to check in on him.

He had suffered from a psychotic episode and only remembers moments from the act. He’s now serving 40 years with the possibility of parole after 20. He’s medicated and doing really well! Last I checked he had a few activities he was responsible for managing and he was working through his traumas with a psych.”

11. Whoa.

“When he came looking for me because I was the only one that knew of the abandoned mine we both found when exploring as kids.

It had been years since we had talked and he suddenly showed up looking for me.

He killed his roommate because he was gay and made a pass at him. Dumped the body in the mine in Boulder County, Colorado.”

12. Wasn’t “off” at all.

“He was the sweetest, kindest, gentle giant kind of guy. Kind of a weirdo, but still a great guy overall. I remember once that he shed a tear just by talking about his kid, because he was so filled with emotion from having him in his life.

He turned out to kill his wife, kidnap his child, start the longest Amber Alert in the history of Canada, as he tried escaping to a different province he killed another man to steal his car.

I’m still unsure today if I should have seen anything at any point. It comes to haunt my nightmares from time to time.”

How about you?

Have you ever known someone who turned out to be a killer?

If so, tell us your stories in the comments. Thanks a lot.