Person Asks if They’re a Jerk for Leaving a Bad Restaurant Review Because They Wouldn’t Remake the Food

The restaurant industry sure has changed since the invention of online reviews like Yelp, don’t you think?

Back in the day, you had to rely on word of mouth and recommendations from people if you wanted to try a new place.

But the whole game has changed and now anyone can get online and write any kind of review they want about a restaurant.

And I guess that can be both a good and a bad thing.

But this person felt justified in leaving a bad review for a place that wouldn’t accommodate them. Were they wrong?

Read on to see what happened.

AITA for leaving a diner a 1 star review for refusing to accommodate me and remake my food?

“Yesterday I took my son out to eat for lunch. We decided to try a cute family owned diner that had pretty good reviews.

I have some severe, potentially life threatening food allergies so I usually try to play it safe and order something I know does not have anything I will react to in it.

I ordered a toasted gluten free grilled chicken breast wrap with lettuce, onions, and green peppers. Those were the listed ingredients and that seemed safe.

When I got my food I noticed something red in it and picked it out with my fork. It was a tomato, which I am highly allergic to. There was tomatoes all through my food so I was unable to eat it.

I quietly motioned for someone to come over to explain the situation and they called for the owner to listen to me. The owner said they’d remake my food but they’d have to charge me again for the time and ingredients even though I could not eat what I was given.

I pointed out that nowhere was tomatoes listed as part of the dish I ordered and if they were in the wrap it should be listed so people know what they are getting, especially if someone has an allergy to something. Owner said that they don’t put everything up on the board and it’s not a big deal and for me to either pay to have my food remade or I can choose to not eat, but I will not be receiving a second meal for free.

I ended up re-ordering my meal to my specifications and it took over 30 minutes to come out when before it was less than 10 and was obviously burnt. I ate what I could and threw the rest away before leaving.

This is a type of wrap I had ordered at many other places before and it does not typically come with tomatoes. It would be the equivalent of getting a Philly cheesesteak with tomatoes basically.

I was really disappointed in the whole experience and ended up writing a 1 star review blasting the place for how I felt they treated me.


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