Teenager Wants to Know if She’s Wrong for Leaving a Party Because She Wasn’t Allowed to Have Her Phone

Do you remember a time when we weren’t attached to our phones 24/7?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone and everything, but it is nice to leave it behind sometimes if you go out for the night…or at least to turn it off for a while.

But this story is a little bit different and a young woman wants to know if she was wrong for leaving a party because she wouldn’t turn her phone over.

Let’s see what happened.

AITA for leaving a party because I wasn’t allowed my phone?

“So I (18 f) am in a friend group of 8 people.

Every week we one person from the group hosts a gathering where we have dinner, play games, watch movies, etc. It’s really fun. One of the people in the group (Isaac) has a no phone policy in his nights. This means no tv, no music, no phones. We play board games or talk.

Around 3 weeks ago, I had to go to the hospital and was awaiting a life changing diagnosis. I was anxious all day but decided to go to Isaac’s gathering to get my mind off things. The morning of, I got an email from the hospital saying they’d call me at some point that day to let me know what was going on.

I text Isaac and told him situation and asked if I could keep my phone on me (he makes us put them in a box, turned off) but he didn’t reply. I showed up with my phone. When Isaac comes round with the box, I ask to talk to him privately, but he won’t until I put my phone in the box. I’m trying to explain the situation without drawing too much worry or a scene, but he isn’t listening so I walk out and sit in my friend’s car.

30 minutes later, I get the call. The outcome isn’t important to this post, but I stayed in the car for another hour and a half until my friend comes down to see me and drive me back. She said Isaac is really upset that I walked out like that, and that I should have just been forthcoming with him, but I don’t want to tell everyone what was going on, especially at the point, it wasn’t concrete.

Another friend later said I just shouldn’t have shown up if I was going to ’cause such a fuss’ over my phone and that I know Isaac’s policy and shouldn’t expect exceptions and therefore it was a b**chy move of me to walk out.


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