Person Asks if They’re Wrong for Eating Most of Their Sister’s Birthday Cake

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AITA for eating most of my sister’s cake?

“So on Saturday it was my sister’s 16th birthday and my parents wanted to host a birthday party for her.

we went to a bowling alley, and invited our cousins and her friends. the venue was great, I really liked the curly fries there but the thing that i didn’t like was my sisters friends.

they have bullied me for years. it’s because I don’t have the same similarities as my sister. i’m overweight while my sisters body is the shape of one of those bikini model you see on the magazine. my sister is pretty, big lips and all that. i look ugly, i have acne all over me and everything. they’ve bullied me for that basically.

in the party they made fun of me for missing the bowling pins a lot of times, they blamed it because of my weight. on the other hand, my sister is a pro at bowling. sometimes I think i’m adopted.

my sister is bullying me along with them because I think she is trying to fit in with them, but I’m not really sure

I enjoyed bowling with my cousins whilst I tried to ignore them but anyways after about an hour it was time to cut the cake. the cake wasn’t large but that didn’t bother me

the portion I ate was bigger than everyone else’s, my parents knew I wanted a big portion of cake, it was so d**n tasty. unfortunately when I finished eating my sister and her friends came up to me and started laughing, one of them said “are you trying to be Lizzo, because I can definitely see it” I knew she was talking about my weight, I just knew it.

I ended up crying and they quickly ran away because they didn’t want to be seen, my mum and dad came up to me asking what’s wrong, I told them they’re bullying me because of my weight, and my dad told me to just ignore them, and my mum got me a larger portion of cake to cheer me up

because I ate two large portions of cake, some people didn’t get to even eat one small piece of cake, because the cake wasn’t big. my parents ended up giving the people who didn’t get to eat any cake an extra gift bag, but they weren’t mad at me.

when we got home, my sister was mad at me saying I embarrassed her for eating most of the cake (which is why I think i’m the AH for ruining her party).


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