Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Lyrics from ‘Jagged Little Pill’?

I crushed this one.

I never actually owned Alanis Morrisette’s 1995 album, “Jagged Little Pill.”

But I absolutely dominated the quiz.

Even though I never had the album, a whole lot of other people did.

The era-defining album ranks just behind this one:

Photo Credit: Epic

And just ahead of this one:

Photo Credit: Epic

Maybe you don’t recall the time when Celine Dion absolutely tore through the national Zeitgeist like something that tears through a word you maybe don’t know but can google later. But you bet your butt it was pretty ferocious.

Here are the two albums behind that one for more perspective:

Photo Credit: Asylum

Those are The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper’s…” and The Eagles’ “Hotel California,” if you’re having trouble reading the cursive, flowers, and/or drum heads.

It was also one of the most heavily rotated albums on the radio, with five songs that topped or peaked in the top 10 of several different Billboard charts, from alternative rock to adult contemporary:

Chances are, if you listened to the radio in 1996 or 1997 and were tuned to anything but country, you heard a song from this album within the hour.

“But it’s been 20 years,” you say. How could I possibly still remember the lyrics to songs from 20 years ago?

I think you might surprise yourself…

You may also remember that Alanis Morissette was on the OG hit Nickelodeon show You Can’t Do That on Television:

Loved that show…

And maybe you knew that her breakout single You Oughta Know was based on her relationship with this guy:

(You definitely oughta…)

Though he both claimed to be and not to be the subject of the song, depending on when he was asked – so who knows?

But maybe you didn’t know that these two guys played guitar and bass on that track:


Photo Credit: JanesAddiction.org

Pretty rockin’, right?

Now, let’s take that quiz!

How’d you do?

I got them all right, and now the songs are stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

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