Reckless Dolphin Totally Body-Slams Unsuspecting Paddleboarder

Photo Credit: Instagram, lubricatedsurf

Life is like a dolphin: sometimes it’s beautiful and majestic… and sometimes it slams you down without warning.

Just ask Andrew Hill, the Australian paddleboarder who caught more than a big wave while boarding off the coast of Gracetown, West Australia. This priceless footage comes to us courtesy of Lucas Englert, who was on the beach to capture some surfers in action. Instead, he witnessed what happens when a pod of dolphins decides to ride the same wave as a single paddleboarder.


Almost as if it planned to knock Hill off his board, one of the dolphins leaped out of the water at the exact right moment to send him crashing into the water. But don’t worry – for a rugby player like Andrew Hill, the injury wasn’t anything worse than what he’s experienced on the field.

“Hats off to him,” Hill told 7News Perth. “He collected me really well.”

If water rugby ever becomes a sport, we know which aquatic mammal to call.

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