Red Alert: Butterfinger Might Be Releasing Their Own Peanut Butter

If you love peanut butter (and I think pretty much anyone who doesn’t suffer from a tragic allergy probably falls into that category), then there’s a good chance you’re also wild about Butterfinger candy bars – they just have that perfect balance of peanut butter and crunch, right?

If those things are true, then pretty much most of the planet is going to be thrilled to hear that something might be in the works that probably should have been in the works decades ago – a Butterfinger peanut butter.


On January 24, Ferrero, the brand that makes Butterfingers, posted a picture to their Instagram feed of their Butterfinger-inspired jar of peanut butter.

It looks amazing, and it also looks like the real thing – like there were meetings with branding and marketing and advertising involved to create that label – but is it?

The caption read like this:

“We just had the best idea for #NationalPeanutButterDay. Just kidding….Unless?”


The picture also says “maybe sometime in the future.”

So….is it happening? Could it happen?

How has no one at Ferrero thought of this before now? How can they possibly ignore what a brilliant plan they’ve (accidentally?) lighted on here?

The comment section is flooded with questions like these, and so if you immediately knew this was something you needed in your life, you’re definitely not alone.< Image Credit: Instagram[/caption]

Keep those comments coming, and you know, maybe make a phone call to the company, too. Or send a letter.

Surely they can’t ignore us all (or such a surefire chance to majorly cash in) forever, right?

(Don’t answer that).