11 Ryan Reynolds Tweets about Parenting That Will Make You Wish He Was Your Dad

We all knew Ryan Reynolds was funny, but the birth of his first daughter has really brought out his top-notch material.

Blake Lively and Ryan had their first daughter, James, about a year and a half ago and are now expecting a second.

Photo Credit" news.com.au

Photo Credit” news.com.au

Both kids are surely in for a surprise when they grow up and realize how awesome their dad is. They’ll probably still hate him just a little bit. But only a little. After all, how you can hate a guy this funny?

Here are 11 tweets that will make you wish that Reynolds was your dad. Or your best friend. At the very least a good acquaintance.

#11. Children Are Dumb

Photo Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

#10. Keep Them Safe. Even the Secret Ones.

#9. Learning Is Important

#8. Kids LOVE Black Leather