She Asked How to Take Care of Her BF’s Daughter’s Hair Who Is a Different Race. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for asking my boyfriend’s mother to teach me how to take care of/style his daughter’s hair?

“I’m a 28 year old woman of Japanese descent and am preparing to move in with my boyfriend of three years who is a 34 year old man of African descent. He is a widower and has a 7 year old daughter, she is a sweet girl and I am very fond of her.

Since I will be living with them I thought it was a good idea to reach out to his mother to ask if she’d help me learn how to take care of/style his daughters hair as there may be some days she wants or needs help and i’ve never dealt with hair that has her texture, I wouldn’t want to know nothing.

Perhaps I could have asked my boyfriend but lets be honest, a woman with that hair texture is more likely to know better styles/tricks and all over “Prettier” looks I even suggested to her that I could buy a mannequin head with a similar hair texture to his daughters to practice on.

His mother got upset with me and told me that it’s not my place to want to learn to style her grandchild’s hair and that it’s a bonding experience for them whenever she does her hair and I shouldn’t try and step on that. I apologised immediately but explained I wasn’t trying to take that away from her I just thought it was a good thing to know in case it ever comes up or she asks for help.

His mother insists it’s not appropriate for me to want to take care of her hair and has even told my boyfriend what I asked and while he doesn’t think what i’ve done is “Bad” he has said I should probably just leave this for his mother. I’m a little upset by this, I was just trying to have my bases covered and be able to help if she ever needs it.

Was it maybe insensitive of me to ask to learn?”

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