She Ate the Toppings off of Her Boyfriend’s Pizza. Is She a Jerk?

A word to the wise: don’t mess with someone’s pizza.


So you can see why this woman’s boyfriend got a little bit perturbed when she ate the toppings off of his pizza.

Read her story below and see if you think she was out of line.

AITA for eating the toppings off my BF’s pizza?

“Earlier tonight I ordered a Hawaiian pizza with my boyfriend.

We’ve only been dating a month so it’s the first time I ate pizza with him. We only finished about half, and then we went to watch TV. I was still hungry, so I ate all the toppings off the pizza.

When he saw, he absolutely flipped out. He said that he was saving it for lunch tomorrow, that he had never met anyone who would do anything like this, and was just generally really upset. I thought he was joking and laughed it off, but it’s been a couple hours and he is still upset. He’s talking about how he was looking forwards to having the leftover pizza for lunch, and now I’ve ruined his lunch.

I offered to buy him another pizza, but he kept saying that it wasn’t about that, and I just ruined his day.

Is he overreacting or AITA?”

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