She Doesn’t Want Her Sister to Go to Paris With Her. Is She Acting Like a Jerk?

The good news is I’m going to Paris.

The bad news is…you’re not invited.


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AITA for not wanting my sister to go to Paris with me?

“I (24f) have two sisters (26 and 23). My older sister an I are going to Paris specifically to buy luxury items, because it’s tax free and cheaper.

We did not invite our younger sister because she always goes on vacation with little money and expects us to accommodate for her needs. This time we decided to not invite her at all, because of repeated behavior of expecting my sister and I to pay everything for her and I want to spent my money on me instead of her.

It’s just frustrating when someone agreed to come on vacation with you and they don’t pay for themselves but rely on other people to pay for their share. My younger sister is pi**ed, but we felt it necessary to have a vacation without the extra expenses.

Am I the a**hole?”

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One person said this woman is NTA and that her sister should have to pay her own way if she wants to go.

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And this individual said it sounds like her sister would probably burden what is supposed to be a fun trip.

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This Reddit user agreed and said that the sister sounds like an entitled a**hole.

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