She Gave Her Cat the Name Her Sister Was Going to Name Her Daughter. Was She Wrong?

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AITA for naming my cat something my sister was going to name her daughter?

“My(22f) sister, Alice(29f) had some fertility issues.

She eventually got pregnant a few years ago. Alice wanted the gender of the baby to be a surprise, so she wouldn’t know until he was born. She ended up picking out 2 names, one if it was a boy and one if it was a girl(her child was a boy).

When she was talking about girl names, she floated the idea Sandra, and her nickname could be Sandy. She did not end up using the name, and it wasn’t even their pick for the name if it was a girl, it was their second or third choice.

Anyway, fast forward to last week, I found and rescued an orange cat. After I knew she wasn’t lost, I decided that I would keep her. I was trying to think of names that would work, and one of my friends suggested Sandy. This friend did not know that my sister had brought up the name Sandy for her child.

I loved the name, and decided that was what I was going to be naming her. When I told my parents and sister about this, my sister got kind of quiet and asked if I could change it. She said that Sandy was what she wanted to name her daughter if she had one.

I honestly did not know she was trying to have another child, and did not even make the connection or remember she also liked the name.

She said that I should change it and would be an a**hole for “stealing her name”.

I really like the name Sandy for this cat. WIBTA if I didn’t change it?”

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This person said that this woman should change the cat’s name for the sake of her relationship with her sister.

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Another person disagreed and said that the woman’s sister shouldn’t be using her problems to make demands like this.

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And this individual said that this woman should value her relationship with her sister more and she should definitely change the cat’s name.

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Finally, another reader said that this woman should consider changing the cat’s name out of kindness to her sister.

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