She Gave People a Fake Name for Her Upcoming Baby. Is She a Jerk?

The drama over baby names continues!

And should we even really be surprised by that?

I say NO because people these days seem to get more worked up about baby names than ever before.

Take a look at this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page and see if you think this woman acted like a jerk for telling people a fake baby name.

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AITA for telling people a fake baby name?

“This happened yesterday af a family bbq. My husband and I are having a baby, and we already have some names that we like.

When asked by family what we were thinking for names, we made the mistake of telling them. My husband and I are really nerdy and we’re also into mythology and are big gamers. We’re both very much the odd ones out in each of our families.

We wanted a fandom name – but not something we thought was ridiculous – and we mentioned this, which caused some relatives to get really p**sy and start calling us names, saying we were being cruel (before they even heard what names are on the list).

So my husband and I shared a look and we had the same thought to just take the p**s. So I said that if it was a boy, he’d be named Dovahkin (the player character from Skyrim) and if it was a girl, she’d be named Elpheba from Wicked. Well, it was chaos. They were super angry, my MIL started crying because we’ve “ruined the child’s life already”.

We kept to our lie and made a hasty exit after nobody would calm down. We got nasty messages all night and this morning. (My husband congratulated me on my choice of names in the car and thinks we should keep it up until after the baby is born.)

I met up with my best friend today and told her the full story and she said we acted horribly towards our family and we deserve the comments we got. She also said that if we don’t set the record straight then any personalised baby gifts we might receive would end up being a waste of money.

So tell me, AITA?”

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One reader said she’s NTA and that it’s no one’s place to criticize someone else’s baby name.

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And this person said she’s NTA but they added that people should be able to call out names that might potentially cause the kid some grief.

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