She Kicked Her Adult Son Out for Peeing the Bed Multiple Times. Was She Wrong?

I know kids pee the bed sometimes, but adults?

I guess it happens and I guess you need to hear the whole story before you make a judgment call…

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AITA for kicking my son out after he peed on his bed multiple times?

“I (44 F) will start by saying that my son (“Luke”) is 18 years old, he is not a child, and he purposely peed on his bed multiple times.

We have a housekeeper (“Mary”) that helps me with the laundry, cleaning, etc and she only brought it up after it had already happened over and over again. I could tell she was very uncomfortable when she explained the situation, she said she had been cleaning and washing our son’s sheets over and over for almost a week and she was concerned.

After having a conversation with Luke, he unashamedly told us that he was doing that purposefully to p**s off Mary because apparently he does not like the way she talks to him.

He said Mary keeps telling him to scrape the leftovers from his plates in the garbage can, not in the sink (as he usually does which ends up clogging the pipes) and quote “she didn’t even thank me for doing the dishes, it’s literally her job, if I do it and it happens to clog the pipes that’s not my f****** problem, I want her gone and if you’re not gonna fire her I’ll make her quit”.

Luke is our only child and has always had reprehensible behaviors, he has gone to therapy multiple times but currently refuses to go. You could argue that it’s a result of bad parenting, and frankly yes, whenever he shows bad behavior my husband doesn’t take it seriously, he thinks Luke is just a normal teen boy doing “boy things”.

My son is not “scared” of me, he doesn’t listen to me, he doesn’t wanna work or go to college, he is not afraid of any consequences because he knows his dad will let him off.

Of course I love my son, but after what he said regarding this incident I kicked him out. I told him Mary was not going anywhere and that he was going to pack his things and find a place to rent with the money his dad gives him.

My husband believes my reaction to this situation was too extreme and he was on my son’s side, but Luke decided he was going to live with his friend that had been looking for a roommate because “he h**es me and the only way I’m ever gonna get off his a** is by moving out”.

I am hurt by this, obviously, but as a mother I think the only way that he’s ever gonna learn and mature is if he moves out and deals with s**t on his own. My husband is still very upset and this is taking a toll on our marriage, however, I do not want advice and comments regarding my marriage, that’s not the point of this post.

I want different perspectives from different people and that is why I’m here, my husband firmly believes I am TA for kicking our son out, so, am I really TA?”

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