She Left Her Boyfriend Behind to Go On Vacation With Friends. Is She Wrong?

Being left behind is always a bummer

Especially when it’s a vacation that involves your significant other and your friends.

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AITA for leaving my boyfriend behind and going on the trip with our friends?

“I’ve been with my boyfriend (I’ll call him Paul) for 3 years and living together for 6 months.

Paul has serious problems with forgetting important documents and after the 4x he did this, I became responsible for carrying our documents in my purse. According to him, all documents have a digital version and that is enough, not all are digital (passport) and not all places accept the digital form, but he is stubborn and maintains this position. I don’t mind being responsible for the documents and most of the time, I have them in my purse.

That is until one day (2 months ago) he called me asking about his identity, because he needed it for something and they didn’t accept the digital version, I was at work and I informed him that I had with me.

He gave me a huge scolding, saying that their documents should be at home and told me to stop “holding” his documents. I handed his documents over to him and said that I would no longer be responsible for this or warn him about it, because I was doing a favor for someone I love who is a capable adult (27).

For the situation:

We and our friends decided to travel to another country on New Years from the 12/27-01/03 and a passport is needed as it is on another continent. We would go to the capital where we would stay at our friend’s house until our flight time. Our city is 2 hours away.

We decided to go to the airport 4 hours before (visit the VIP room) and I went to check all my documents first. Paul was on my side and when he saw only one passport, he asked about his and I just said “You have it”.

He panicked, saying he thought I had taken even more passports as usual and left it at home. He decided to run home and come back, he asked me to go with him but I didn’t want to spend 4 hours in the car. He went to get his passport (but complained that this was something to remember him by) and I went with my friends to the airport.

In short, he didn’t arrive on time and I decided I wouldn’t miss my trip because of him. I turned off my cell phone and made my 12h trip.

When I arrived, several messages from him saying that he couldn’t believe that I had gone on a trip without him and that I had done it as forms of revenge because of his scolding. The flights are all booked up or too expensive, so he probably won’t come. He’s still accusing me of leaving him behind after purposely not remember something I know he struggles with.

My friends are on my side, but I feel doubtful.


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