She Made Her Mom Cry and Hurt Her Marriage. Was She Wrong?

No one wants to make their mom cry, right?

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AITA for making my mom cry and hurting her marriage?

“BG: My mom has me (16f) and my brothers Nico (17m) and Shay (18m) with our dad. He died on my 5th birthday really suddenly.

Mom was young and had the three of us and she ended up meeting our stepdad less than a year later. I think it was about 2 years after my dad d**d that she introduced him to us as her boyfriend and they married fast after that. At the time mom and my stepdad wanted him to adopt us and to change our last names to his, so we could be a legal family and share a family name.

We had said no but they went through the process for the adoption and when it came time for court, the judge took us aside and we spoke to him, and expressed that we did not want to be adopted or to have our last name changed.

It’s not something I remember the best because at the time I was really upset but the end result was the judge turned down the adoption request and the change of name request. My grandma said that the judge told my mom and stepdad that he didn’t want to leave us feeling even more robbed of our dad by taking away his name and his ties to us legally.

After all that my stepdad tried so hard to get us to start calling him dad. He always called us his kids, his daughter/sons, etc. But he made for a real emphasis on how much he wanted to be our dad and how he wanted to feel us accept him in that kind way.

Mom would sit and tell us how we were blessed to have two dads. One in heaven who looked down on us and one who was with us on earth and could raise us and be the parent we needed. She said it would be such a positive thing to embrace him as our dad.

My brothers and I never did call him dad. Mom had more kids with our stepdad and they call him dad, but it was always a problem that we didn’t. My oldest brother graduated last year and he moved out soon after. He graduated early and there were some things that went down which resulted in mom and stepdad bringing Nico and me to therapy with them.

Four weeks ago during therapy my mom and stepdad brought up how tired he is of feeling like he raised us for nothing, because we never show him the love he believes he deserves and we don’t show him the respect he wants by denying him the title of dad.

They said he is very close to leaving. So mom asked if either of us would consider trying to be more open to the idea, would we at least refer to him as dad to others even if we don’t call him dad to his face. I said I would never be okay with that. My brother too.

Mom cried and my stepdad… well I think that was a breaking point for him. It feels like their marriage is all but over and deep down I know both of them blame me and my brothers. I hate seeing my mom so upset. My stepdad can’t hide the fact he’s angry with us over it.


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