She Moved Out When Her Roommate Charged Her Extra Rent. Was She Wrong?

When it comes to paying the bills, you gotta do what you gotta do.

And that includes paying the rent.

So sometimes you have to hit the road if someone raises the rent on you…but does that make you an a**hole?

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AITA for moving out when my roommate charged me extra rent?

“For context, I (22F) and J (32F), moved into a house together about 2 years ago. Her name is on the lease and she is technically renting me and her brother and his friend (both 36M) rooms in this house.

The 2 guys downstairs are only their for 4 days a month due to their jobs and she charges them half as much as me for rent. They also use the full sized garage in the back to store things.For the last 2 years J and I have lived together semi-peacefully. She’s quite messy and due to my mental health (messes causing worse anxiety and depression) I tend to clean up a lot after her. She also has 2 dogs and a cat.

She asks me to feed and let out her dogs on a regular basis, her dogs will sometimes get into the garbage or her cat will pee and poop downstairs cause she h**es the boys, and J expects the first person to see the mess to clean it up even though it is from her animals. I also have a small room that barely fits my bed while J has a bedroom and a spare room to herself.

The boys have a whole basement and the garage to themselves.Now to the issue that broke the last straw for me. J gets our hydro/electricity bill every 2 months and for the last billing period she got a HUGE bill. It is winter and we do live in Northern Canada so it can get quite cold. I was also gone on vacation for 3/8 weeks that this bill was covering.

J has been complaining about how expensive utilities are and how outrageous this is for her to pay all of this. I pay her rent for March a few days early so she has time to etransfer rent to the actual owner of the house. I sent her an extra $100 cause I felt bad about the utilities and after she received it she texted me and asked for an extra $150. So $250 on top of my normal rent. J however only pays $100 in rent and then covers the utilities (that was our verbal agreement 2 years ago) but now all of a sudden the utilities should be my responsibility too.

She’s making me feel like a freeloader that costs her so much money…My friend just bought a house and offered to let me move in. So last night I gave J my notice and told her I would be out of the end of March. I am actually moving out next week because I cannot stand to be here any longer. I feel like I’m unwanted in my own space now.

Now J is upset with me because I’m a putting more of a financial burden on her but my friend offered me cheaper rent and wont charge me for utilities out of the blue. My friend is also much cleaner and has been a huge emotional support as I’ve been living with J and trying to keep the house functional.

So AITA for moving out and putting financial stress on J?”

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