She Snapped Because Her Friends Make Fun of Her Old Car. Is She a Jerk?

I’ve never understood people who give other folks a hard time about what kind of car they drive…who cares?!?!

But, as you and I both know, people can be jerks about that kind of stuff.

But did this woman act like a jerk when she snapped back at her friends for making fun of her ride?

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AITA for clapping back after my friends continually made fun of me for driving an old car?

“I (f30) drive a 14 year old Honda. My parents helped me buy it when I was in high school, and I’ve kept it all these years.

It has proven very reliable over the years, and though it’s old, it serves its purpose and I don’t really see the point in spending all kinds of money on a new car.

I have two friends who always ask me why I drive an old beater when I have a good job and can easily afford a newer/nicer car. Like when I say always, I mean it comes up every time we hang out. I always shut them and try to change the topic, because I don’t feel that my financial decisions are anyone’s business. I just tell them I plan to drive the car until it dies, then I move on to another subject.

Both of these friends drive nice cars. One has an Audi SUV and the other has a BMW SUV that they both bought brand new. But they both live in c**ppy apartments, and personally I don’t understand why someone would buy a $70k+ car when that money could be used towards saving for a home. But like I said, I don’t think financial decisions are anyone else’s business, so I’ve never voiced that opinion. Until recently.

I just bought a house. My friends were ragging on me saying I’m going to have such a nice house, but I’m going to be parking the old c**ppy Honda in the driveway. They said it’s a shame and will be an eye sore.

At that point, I said: I choose not to buy a new car, because frankly, cars are expensive. They continued to push the topic and say that they don’t understand how they can afford to buy nice cars and I can’t.

I was getting annoyed at this point and I said: We’ll, I don’t understand how I can afford a house and you guys can’t. Maybe it’s because of all the money you’ve wasted on your useless status symbols. I CAN afford to buy fancy German cars like yours, but it’s a bad investment and waste of money.

My friends are saying I’m the a**hole for calling their cars “useless status symbols” because they’ve worked hard to buy them just like I worked hard to buy my house. My comment created a huge rift in the group, but I feel like they should have just stayed in their lane.”

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