She Threw Out Her Hamburger After Someone Took a Bite Out of It. Was She a Jerk?

I don’t know about you but the only people who are getting a bite out of my food are folks who have my PERMISSION.

What a concept, right?

And if you happen to take a bite out of my food without me saying so, we’re gonna have a major problem, folks.

Never touch a man’s (or woman’s food)!

Okay, now that we have that cleared up, take a look at this story and let us know if you think this young woman overreacted…

AITA for throwing away my hamburger after someone took a bite out of it

“Yesterday at lunch I (F16) got a hamburger and fries for lunch in the cafeteria. I went over to the table where my friends were and I sat down my tray to save my seat and went to go get ketchup because I forgot it.

When I was away from my food, the guy (M16) that I put my tray down next to took a bite out of my hamburger and put it back. When I got back I was pissed off and said that it was disgusting, and threw it away.

He got pi**y with me and said I was overreacting and that he didn’t have any diseases. He already had his own lunch so I think he was just trying to be funny, but I didn’t think it was funny.

I ended up going and buying another one, and he ate some of my fries when I was gone. I told him if he needed more food I would go get some for him but to stop touching my stuff. He just rolled his eyes and said that its not a big deal and I’m getting mad over nothing.

AITA for overreacting?

I don’t think he has any weird diseases but I don’t want his mouth germs all over my food!”

Uh oh…here’s how Reddit readers reacted to this story.

One reader said that this kid should be reported…and that he might be flirting with this girl.

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And another reader said that this is just BAD BEHAVIOR.

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Finally, this Reddit user said that this kid was just acting like a teenage boy but it was still not right.

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