Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Causing Her Husband to Sleep on the Floor

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AITA for refusing to clean the bed and causing my husband to sleep on the floor?

“My f34 husband m32 has a medical condition (heart problems) and we sleep separately, he sleeps in the bedroom while I am on the couch.

He’s become partially reliant on me to care for him wether it be cleaning, cooking for him, supervising his medication intake and managing side effects. He’s on a number of medications and one of them causes excessive urination (it is essentially to treat the swelling of his feet and abdomen) as a result he urines a lot which’s an issue cause he just keeps wetting the bed.

Previously, he was catheterized so I didn’t worry about the bed wetting issue, but he went against the doctor’s recommendation and had the catheter taken out and the problem of him wetting the bed started. As a reasonable alternative to taking the catheter out, adult diapers had been recommended but he was 100% against it. We had arguments about it cause it wasn’t like he had an allergy preventing him from using diapers.

He promised he’d be careful but every time he’d end up wetting the bed and expecting me to clean it, clean everything the sheets, the mattress, the floor even. So far I’ve cleaned the bed for over 40+ times middle of the night and he still said no whenever I urge him to just wear diapers.

It all came to head nights ago, he woke me up shouting from the bedroom that he wet the bed again and needed me to get up and clean it right then, I’m talking 2am!. I expected that and was maddened so I ignored him and remained sleeping. He kept shouting demanding I come clean up then started calling my phone but I turned it off.

I got up at 6, found him sleeping on the floor on a spare mattress and the bed was a mess, he woke up and blew up at me calling me nasty and heartless for not rushing to help and clean up the bed for him after he wetted it. I stated that it was his fault for refusing to wear diapers after willingly removing the catheter.

He yelled saying the catheter thing caused him suffering, then said he’d never wear diapers cause of his “hurt ego” and “manhood”, also said I had a job and I neglected it and acted petty by punishing him this way and causing him to sleep on the floor.

I said I was done doing unnecessary chore in the middle of nigh almost every night when he could just use diapers, he was astonished by what I said and called me a monster for enjoying his suffering like that then got SIL to come give me a stern talk about my attitude towards her brother cause her brother’ is helpless.


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