She Told Her Friends How Many Times Her Date’s Mom Called When They Were Together. Was She Wrong?

Is it okay to spill the beans about people you’re dating to your friends?

Wellllllll, I think it’s gonna happen one way or the other, so you might as well get used to it…

But is this woman an a**hole for how she behaved?

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AITA for telling my friends how my date’s mother called him 5 times during our 2 hr date?

“I (27F) went on a date with Jack(30M) recently. it was our first & last date. i didn’t know him really well & we only know each other through friends. we were set up by one of them & we talked a bit before deciding to go out. He seemed a normal.

we went to a cafe. Now we had only gotten there ( just sat down) when he got a call from his mum, no big deal, he took the call in front of me so i had no other option to hear what he was talking about.

He told his mum that we had arrived & its all fine. i thought that’s fine maybe he was anxious or something or his mum was wishing him luck. we got talking & within half an hour his mum called again, he picked it up & gave her an update of everything we had talked about in the last 30 mins!

It weirded me out but then she proceeded to call him 3 more times within 2 hours! & he would recap everything we had talked about right in front of me & then go back to conversation as if nothing had happened. i even commented about his mom’s constant calling & he said he’s a “mama’s boy”

It weirded me out so i cut our date short & turned down his idea for dinner. when i reached home i messaged him that i had a good time but i couldn’t see a future with him as our personalities were poles apart. He responded an “okay best of luck”.

Obviously the friend who had set us up asked me about the date & i told her about his mum calling every half an hour. i also told my friends about the date.

now apparently he asked out another girl & she turned him down, he found out that people knew about this situation. He’s sent me a text calling me some nice words & saying that it was private information? & i shouldn’t have told people about it.He also called me a r**ist which doesn’t make sense to me ( we are both of indian descent).

i mean it wasn’t the constant calling that stuck out to me, it was the fact that he was literally recapping everything to her. this whole severe codependency situation didn’t sit right with me at all.

I do think i might be an a**hole because I told his private business to the world but also maybe not?”

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