She Told Her Stepsister She’s Not Surprised Her Kid Doesn’t Get Invited to Parties. Is She Wrong?

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AITA for telling my stepsister I’m not surprised her child doesn’t get invited to parties?

“My stepsister, Micah, and I have daughters a year apart. Micah’s daughter Gemma is 9 and my daughter Serena is 8.

Gemma has had behaviour issues since I can remember. When she was younger she had constant tantrums, couldn’t sit still, and would vandalise anything she could get hold of. As she got older, her lack of manners and destructive behaviour made her nearly impossible to be around, and besides that, she was really mean.

She told my daughter that her modelling campaign photos were ugly, she calls people stupid constantly, teased my mother’s dogs to the point she isn’t allowed near them anymore, she’s just not nice.

The other day, me and Micah were at our parents’ house, and my stepdad mentioned Serena’s birthday, and that she was having a small party (4 girls from her class for a shopping/spa experience and sleepover). Micah asked me if I was planning to invite Gemma (previous years Serena had large, so we invited Gemma as a courtesy).

I said no, because Serena is having a small part for her friends this year and since the girls are not close I was not going to force her to invite Gemma. Micah said I was teaching Serena to exclude people, to which I said that not being friends with someone isn’t excluding them.

This conversation went back and forth for nearly ten minutes, and I was getting fed up of trying to be diplomatic, because I know for a fact that Micah is aware of what Gemma is like (she complains often) so I didn’t see why we were skirting around the obvious.

Then Micah said that I should show some compassion since Serena’s party might be the only party/play date Gemma is invited to this year. I just said I wasn’t surprised. Micah asked what I meant by that, and I said that Gemma is not kind to the people around her and lacks social skills and she’s at an age where kids will notice that and not be forgiving.

Micah seemed taken aback and said that she can’t believe I would be so cruel about a child. She got her things and left and is apparently not speaking to her dad because he didn’t stand up for her over what I said. She has also said she won’t be coming to any upcoming family events.

My stepdad said I was right and that while he finds it hard to be honest about Gemma, it’s good that I was. My mother said while I was right, as a mother it’s not an easy thing to hear about your child. My husband says that I should have stuck to saying no to Gemma coming to the party and left it there because she isn’t our concern beyond that and I should stay in my lane.

I’m kind of questioning it now because I am someone who generally does try to stay in my lane and not get involved in other people’s parenting or family business, but the comment was topical to what Micah was trying to force me to do, so I’m not sure if I was out of bounds to say it.


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