She Walked Out on Her Surprise Birthday Party. Was She Wrong?

You know things have to be pretty bad if you walk out on your own party…but it happens!

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AITA for walking out of my “surprise birthday party”?

So it was my (20f) birthday today and from the minute I woke up nobody has acknowledged my birthday.

I walked downstairs to my kitchen and my mom was reading her newspaper ignoring me completely. She even had some demands about cooking and cleaning so my day already started a little off.

My dad and brother both ignored me as well. Normally my dad wishes me at least a “happy birthday” but today he just said nothing. My friends seemed to have forgotten it as well as they literally said nothing. My friend messaged me about some clothes but nothing more. I just didn’t feel special as stupid as it sounds.

It was the same at work. My colleagues spoke about my birthday yesterday and today nobody acknowledged it or said anything. I just felt so miserable and ignored. Before heading home after work i bought myself a small birthday cake just to treat myself and make it a little better.

Well when I got home and ready to just have a dip my whole family/friends and colleagues were in my living room. They told me how they had been all excited to surprise me but I just couldn’t help myself but feel upset. They ignored me throughout the whole day and now they want me to be all happy and chatty. I just walked out.

I walked back to my car and now i am sat in a MCDonald’s parking lot writing this. My phone is being blown up about me being the a**hole for walking out. I do feel kind of bad but i just couldn’t do it anymore.

Should i have just sucked it up or was i the a**hole for walking out?”

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