She Won’t Do Any Bridesmaids Duties After She Wasn’t Named One. Is She Wrong?

Why should someone be expected to perform the duties of a bridesmaid…if they weren’t picked to be a bridesmaid?

That’s a real head-scratcher, don’t you think?

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AITA for declining to do bridesmaid jobs after I wasn’t chosen to be a bridesmaid?

“My brother in law has lived with us for going on three years now.

I consider him to be a really close friend. He has been dating someone for maybe 6 months now. They recently got engaged. I was just informed that I will not be in the wedding and neither will the groom’s sister.

The reasons given were that the bride is too OCD to handle uneven numbers and they don’t have enough groomsmen to include us. I offered the suggestion of groomswomen because she was crying and saying she couldn’t think of a way to include us and it was immediately shot down because she is “too traditional” for that and she also doesn’t want a large bridal party.

I was told that I will likely wear the same color as the bridesmaid and may have a little job such as watching the guest book and will do everything a bridesmaid does on the day of EXCEPT FOR BE A BRIDESMAID.

I’m upset for many reasons: -My brother in law was present for this conversation and didn’t say a word. He rubbed her back in support as she cried because she was uncomfortable telling me. -My husband now walks down the aisle with someone else. He is NOT happy.

-We were replaced by her two friends in the bridal party. -When telling me she said I almost made the cut because she thought a sister was going to say no, but then she didn’t. -I feel as though I offered perfectly good suggestions to make it work and they were shot down because she is “too traditional”. -So much more. Conversations for another day.

AITA for saying I don’t want any bridesmaid jobs since I’m not a bridesmaid?

What about if she changes her mind and I decline to be a bridesmaid because I already know how she really feels?”

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