Woman Asks if She’s a Jerk for Pressing Blackmail Charges Against Her Kid’s Father

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AITA for pressing blackmail charges?

“F23 have a beautiful child and another on the way.

After I had my first child I had really bad postpartum depression and postpartum rage. I did things that I’m not proud of and have spent years paying and making up for. I spent years after this being made to comply to my BD wishes or else he was going to press charges for some of the things I did when I was going thru that rough part of my life.

It got to be insane demands and to the point he had me living in fear. I recently contacted a lawyer to see if there is anything I can do. The lawyer said what he’s doing is falling under the blackmail law and he legally can no longer do anything due to his blackmailing.

The lawyer took on the case and file blackmail charges against him. His family found out and went off. I responded with “Yes I did some terrible things. I’ve spent years paying my debt for them. I’m sorry for everyone that was affected by my actions but I can’t kept living in fear and him controlling me. I have kids to think about.”

A good bit of people agree I have paid my debt to my wrongs and the only ones upset about this is his family.


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One reader said she’s NTA and reminded everyone that blackmail is illegal.

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Another Reddit user also said she’s NTA and said that her behavior was because of a medical condition.

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And this individual said she’s NTA and that this guy has been a**sing her, plain and simple.

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