She Won’t Let Her Friend Wear Her Shoes to Her Bridal Shower. Is She a Jerk?

No, you can’t borrow my shoes for your bridal shower!

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AITA for not allowing my best friend to wear my red bottom heels to her bridal shower?

“I  have a childhood best friend of over 16 years who’s getting married next month. We’ve always borrowed each others clothes and shoes just how best friends do! I also want to say this first, I’m not materialistic at all.

I received the shoes from my mom as a gift, and I’ve only worn them two times. They are my special occasion heels and they mean a lot to me because i know my mom worked really hard to be able to gift me them! Yesterday my best friend came over and she wanted to borrow black heels and i was like yeah!

Go through the closet and she pulled the box out tried them on and was like “Omgg! These are the ones they’ll go perfect with my dress” I then said I’d love to let you borrow anything but those, and she said seriously? It’s my bridal shower. I said I know I’m just not comfortable with you wearing them.

She took them off and said don’t worry about the shoes I’ll find my own, she left a few minutes after and texted me saying that wasn’t cool and that she would do it for me. I just wrote back and said i know, but I’d also respect your things” it’s been a day and I haven’t heard from her.

AITA for not feeling bad?”

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