Should This Woman Give Up Her Dogs Because Her Stepson Is Allergic?

We all have those lines in our lives that we have to draw in the sand. The ones we absolutely will not cross no matter what other people want us to do.

For this woman, she was able to get over a cheating husband who fathered a child with his lover, but she’s definitely not getting rid of her dogs.

OP’s husband had an affair and fathered a child, but after consideration and counseling, OP decided to continue the marriage and even welcome the child into her home.

My husband had a one night stand after much counseling I decided to forgive him and work on our marriage.

Unfortunately the woman got pregnant, and they now have a 3-year-old boy.

I have two 5-year-old French bulldogs whom I and my two kids with my husband (14f and 9m). Unfortunately being short hair dogs these kind tend to produce the most reaction in those who are allergic.

I was fully prepared to welcome this child into my home with open arms and be the best stepmother I could possibly be, as the child is innocent and he is the little brother of my two children. My husband has visitation every other weekend.

Unfortunately, they’ve learned that the kid is allergic to OP’s dogs. The other woman insists she get rid of the dogs, but OP says the dogs have been her rock through all of this and she’s not doing it.

Unfortunately this child is highly allergic to dogs, and his mother is demanding that we get rid of the dogs.

These dogs have been with me through thick and thin, they were there with me when I suffered severe depression over my husband cheating and my kids adore them too.

She’s given her husband a bunch of options as far as continuing to see his other child, but promises that she will pull the trigger on a divorce before she gets rid of her dogs.

I absolutely refuse to get rid of these dogs, I told my husband he can either do the visitation at a hotel, get a second apartment for him and his son, or we can build an in-law unit at his expense above the garage but I told him my only stipulations are that this comes out of his own pocket he may not dip into our kids college funds and the dogs stay.

It may sound funny to some people, but she’s asking Reddit whether or not this might (finally) make her the jerk here.

Because the child is so young he doesn’t understand why he’s not allowed to come to the house and feels left out as a result.

AITA for refusing to get rid of my dogs because my husband cheated? When he was hemming and hawing because he wanted to be all things to all people I told him I will divorce him well before I do away with the dogs.

What does Reddit think? I imagine they have some choice words for this one!

Wild is one word for it.

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Others think it’s high time OP start thinking about herself in all of this mess.

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It really could be that simple.

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It could be tricky to navigate, but it’s not OP’s problem.

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No one trusts the husband farther than they could throw him. Which is nowhere at all.

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Y’all I cannot believe the audacity of this man. OP has put up with a lot and now he wants this too?

Get the eff outta here.

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