Should This Woman Give Up Her Hotel Reservation To Accommodate The Bridal Party?

Anyone who is a regular reader of the subreddit AITA knows that people get especially crazy whenever there’s a wedding involved. People’s expectations get pretty wild, to be honest, and as a guest it can be hard to know exactly what your role and responsibility is in the whole thing.

This woman was on top of her game and booked her flight and villa early for a friend’s wedding in coastal Spain. She has issues with body image and so she wanted to make sure that she rented a place with a private pool, thinking the wedding was a good excuse to get away with her husband.

My husbands friend is getting married in Spain by the beach. I booked our flights and accommodation as soon as I found out the date because I was excited and wanted to get a good place now rather than later when there would be significantly less options.

I recently lost a lot of weight and have a lot of loose skin, I am not comfortable at all with anyone besides my husband seeing my body so I didn’t want to stay in a hotel with a pool, instead I booked out a 3 bed villa with a pool (it was the smallest option, the others were 7 or 8 beds).

My husband told his friend about the good deal we got on it and he was happy for us.

Now that the wedding is getting closer, the groom reached out asking if they would be willing to sell their reservation to some members of the bride’s family so they could stay together in the 3-bedroom villa.

When OP looked into it, she found that the only remaining options were hotels, for about the same cost, but then she wouldn’t be able to use the pool.

 Fast forward to now, he and his fiancé ask if we’d stay somewhere else and allow some of her family to stay there instead, they said they’d give us the money we paid for it but like I said, we got a good deal because we booked early.

There are now no homes with private pools available and the hotels cost just about the same as the 3 bed villa and I can’t use the pool so I’m getting less for my money.

She told the bride no, and explained to her the reasons that she wanted access to a private pool, and thought the bride was supportive at first, she quickly changed her tune.

I refused and opened up about why I wanted a private pool. She was really nice at first and gave me a speech about how beautiful I was and no one would care but I can’t just switch off my insecurity so I said no again and then she flipped and said I was selfish for hogging a 3 bed place because I was too scared to get my flab out.

Everyone kind of thinks she should just give up the villa to keep the peace and make the wedding experience as smooth as possible, but she’s feeling stubborn about her vacation time.

The soon to be married couple obviously think I’m the asshole. My husband thinks I should just let it go because it’s their special day and we don’t want to make things difficult for them but at the same time this is the only time we can afford to go away so although we are going for the wedding, it’s also a holiday for us and why should I have to be uncomfortable on my break.

Is she wrong? Reddit is weighing in below!

The top comment points out that even if there is an a$$hole here, it’s really not OP.

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This person thinks the bride and her family should have been the first ones to book, since they were the first ones aware of the dates and place.

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And yeah, the early bird gets the worm.

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We’re thinking they don’t even have an actual reason, tbh.

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Either way, it’s really not OP’s problem.

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You know that expression “a lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine? I’d say that definitely applies here.

If you were OP would you give up your villa? Tell us why or why not in the comments!