Student Asks if They’re Wrong for Turning in a School Project That Shows Their Neighbors in a Bad Light

You never want to make your neighbors OR your neighborhood look bad, but what if it’s really the truth?

This is the dilemma a student faced for a school project.

Read their story to see if you think they acted like an a**hole.

AITA for turning in a school project that showed my neighborhood and neighbors in a bad light?

“I’m a high school student in a Spanish class and we had an assignment to make a video tour of a place. It had to be in Spanish, and had to be conversational like you were showing a friend around.

I decided to just walk around my street and make a tour of that because my family wasn’t going anywhere else.

So I filmed:

A neighbors house. When I walked by they were having a screaming fight like usual “Here are the neighbors, they are very angry. They like to yell in the morning, afternoon, and night.”

The next neighbors house “Joe and Tammy live here, they are very nice and have three dogs”

Someone drives by and catcalls me profanely. As a joke I yell back “ESTUPIDO PERRO” which means “stupid dog” then he slammed his brakes and yelled something r**ist before speeding off. I said to the camera “This man is very stupid. He is a man but acts like a dog.”

(Edit to clarify something, I’m white but I think this idiot assumed I as Hispanic because I was speaking Spanish. A lot of people in the comments are talking about my experiences as a person of color, and I just wanted to clear up that I’m not, and don’t want to speak for the people who actually experience this kind of s**t regularly. Because one rude comment is nothing like having those kinds of experiences all your life.)

I also introduced 10 other mundane things like flowers, a bird, etc.

I cut out the long sequences of me walking. But I left everything else. My teacher had a rubric of the types of descriptions and numbers of things you needed and taking any out would lose me points. It was too dark out to film more.

The second part of the assignment was to upload the video on the school website and post comments back and forth responding to several of your classmates videos.

One of my friends from class recognized the r**ist guy as someone who volunteers with the middle school soccer team. So she texted me like “haha should I say something?” and I said sure, so she posted in Spanish “In the car is Mr. Jones who coaches the children. I learned from your video that he h**es women and is r**ist.”

I replied to say “Does he teach the girls or the boys” and she replied back ‘Both”. I replied back “That is terrible.”

A guy in my class made a comment like “The man yelling at his family is a police officer. He is always a very angry man.” I replied back to say “That is scary.”

The next day at school, my teacher wanted to talk to me alone. She told me that my video was inappropriate and I shouldn’t have filmed the neighbors or the coach. I said that the assignment was literally to walk around a place you’re familiar with and react, like you’re having a conversation with a friend. And that is literally how it goes when I walk around with my friends.

My teacher said I was being ‘belligerent’ on purpose and I should have known that stuff has to be dealt with delicately. I said I just don’t agree, it’s just life and there’s no point pretending that’s not happening.

She said she’d taken down the video and it was the sort of thing that should be brought to authorities instead of posted for the whole class. I said I didn’t even know who the guy in the car was, and who was I gonna call about the cop? The cops?

I have a meeting with the principal coming up tomorrow.

AITA for having posted that video for the Spanish class?”

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