Take a Look at These Interesting Comparison Images

Are you ready to see some really cool comparison photos?!?!

I know I am! I love this kind of stuff. It just never gets old!

You’re about to see a lot of really interesting things compared that we don’t see all that often.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. You can still see the light bulbs.

Different worlds.

Nearly 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the difference in types of light bulbs can still be seen from space from r/pics

2. Wow! Dolphins are smart.

But we kind of already knew that, right?

Shark’s Brain Vs Dolphin’s Brain from r/mildlyinteresting

3. Simply amazing.

Technology is incredible.

World’s smallest computer compared to a grain of rice from r/Damnthatsinteresting

4. Fluffy Corgi vs. a regular coat.

Both total cuties!

5. Very interesting…

Not too far off…

This is a human skeleton compared to a gorilla skeleton from r/pics

6. We’ve come a long way.

Those old ones are very primitive.

Graphics Then vs Graphics Now from r/gaming

7. That is so cool.

The salt in the air does a lot of damage.

We live next to the ocean,heres the comparison between the outside and inside doorknob from r/mildlyinteresting

8. Claw sizes.

Be careful out there…

Claw sizes of 25 different predators (sorry no banana) from r/pics

9. How cool!

I’ll have to try this at home.

You can see the difference between the tap water and the sparkling water that I poured over it from r/mildlyinteresting

10. Old vs. new.

War has changed.

The difference between a Norwegian Soldier 75 years ago and today from r/pics

11. Here comes Godzilla!

That’s a huge bridge.

Japan’s highest bridge’s height is compared to Godzilla from r/mildlyinteresting

12. A devastating storm.

It’s been quite a year.

Before and After comparison pics of a street in Surf City, NC after Florence from r/WTF


At least you won’t get them mixed up.

My jeans vs my wife’s jeans. I’m 6’ 3”and she’s 5’ 2” from r/mildlyinteresting

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