Teenager Asks if She’s Wrong for Sleeping in the Basement Because Her Sister Moved In

You’re moving in…?

I’m moving into the basement!


That sure doesn’t sound good, now does it?!?!

But that’s the story of a young woman who wrote a post on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

AITA for sleeping in the basement instead of my bedroom ever since my sister was moved into it as well?

“I (16f) am the oldest of six kids. There’s me, then my sister Katie (14f), brother Miles (12m), brother Caden (11m), sister Belle (7f) and sister Lyra (6f).

About four months ago my parents moved Katie into my room (as the oldest I had my own room) instead of sharing with the younger girls like she used to. Apparently having an older sibling there kept them up all night and my parents wanted to put an end to that. Only I don’t like Katie. I love her, but like her?

No. I’m not sure I ever really liked her but especially not in the last few years. So I wasn’t happy with her moving into my room and I started sleeping on the sofa in the basement. I also lock up my stuff at night so she can’t snoop or break anything of mine because that is a concern of mine among other issues with her.

My parents didn’t say anything at first because they thought I’d accept it eventually but I still go in there every night and now they’re annoyed. They told me I’m being unfair. That Katie’s feelings will be hurt eventually and it makes things look bad when I’d rather sleep on an old lumpy sofa than in my comfortable bed.

I told them sharing with Katie is the last thing that will work for me and I’m happy sleeping in the basement over sharing with her. My parents say it can’t continue and argued when I said I would not sleep in the room with her.


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This reader said she’s NTA and that this isn’t her problem.

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Another person also said she’s NTA and added that her parents aren’t doing much parenting.

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Another individual said it’s clear her parents aren’t going to do anything about this and that it’s just expected that she has to put up with it.

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