17 People Who Had the Right Shirt at the Right Time

Sometimes, the universe has timing so perfect, you can’t help but laugh. These 17 people were caught wearing the right shirt at the right time (or the wrong shirt at the wrong time) and we sure are glad they were captured on camera.

1. “What have I done?”

Photo Credit: Imgur: SidiusFate

2. Was this bird… angry?

Photo Credit: Reddit: enohcs

3. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

4. Four. Count ’em, four.

Photo Credit: Reddit: superfab96

5. Art imitates life.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Lagnactor

6. The perfect camouflage.

Photo Credit: Reddit: SmoothHookah

7. They say never meet your heroes… unless you’re wearing a shirt with their picture on it.

Photo Credit: Reddit: BenjaminNet

8. They should give this shirt to every new baby at the hospital.

Photo Credit: Imgur: REDbern

9. You’re a doll. Literally.

10. Your shirt’s getting a little handsy.

11. This is embarrassing. One of them has to go change.

Photo Credit: Reddit: wickensworth

12. The Dude approves.

Photo Credit: Imgur: coppertop

13. That’s a lot of ‘staches in one photo.

Photo Credit: Reddit: art_is_dumb

14. I can “bear-ly” tell the difference between the two.

15. “Yeah, I do some modeling.”

Photo Credit: Reddit

16. By Picture Day standards, this isn’t too bad.

Photo Credit: Imgur: Wallama

17. Practice what you preach.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CzarOfCzars